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Muslims look to Jewish example in campaigning for school days off

Muslims look to Jewish example in campaigning for school days off

In advocating for Eid, Muslim activists cite the precedent of Jewish Americans, another religious minority.

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Mira Marcus, the city of Tel Aviv's director of international press, with her dog Shani at the Kelaviv dog festival in Tel Aviv, Aug. 26, 2016. (Andrew Tobin)

Why Tel Aviv is so crazy about dogs


Dan Markel (Wikimedia Commons)


On video, ex-wife of murdered law prof says brother joked of hiring hitman

An empty classroom in the largely haredi Jewish settlement of Beitar Illit in the West Bank, Aug. 16, 2015. (Mendy Hechtman/Flash90)

Veteran haredi Orthodox teacher reportedly fired for obtaining driver’s license

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United States

Gene Wilder, left, shown with Richard Pryor, got a lot of love from celebrities on Twitter.  (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Mel Brooks and other stars mourn passing of Gene Wilder

Countless celebrities (including several Jewish ones) also took to Twitter to pay heartfelt tributes to the the actor.

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Israel & Middle East

hanna goor

Beach performance by Israeli singer halted over bikini

Concert organizers ended a performance at a government-sponsored music festival after singer Hanna Goor declined to close a shirt she was wearing over her bikini top.

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After Lean Years, Uganda’s Jews Finally Have Their Day at the Mikvah

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 09:  French far-right National Front leader (FN) Marine Le Pen talks to the media after a meeting with French President, Francois Hollande.Two days after a deadly attack that occurred on January 7 by armed gunmen on the Paris offices of French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo. France deployed elite forces in the hunt for two brothers accused of killing 12 people in the attack, as the pair spent a second night on the run despite a huge security operation.  (Photo by Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images)

Marine Le Pen: Wearing kipahs should be banned


Fervently Orthodox Executive to Buy Manufacturer of Bikinis

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Reporter's Notebook

French comedian Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala gesturing to the media as he leaves a Paris court house, Feb. 4, 2015. (Michel Euler/AP Images)

Reporter's Notebook

A Yom Kippur apology to France’s most famous anti-Semite

The French comedian Dieudonne is an enemy to me and most of my readers, writes Cnaan Liphshiz. But the country's burkini bans remind us that freedom of expression is the bedrock of Western democracy.

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From 70 Faces Media


A New Book All About the Jews of Punk


Why Aly Raisman Is a Mensch


Meet The Chef Who’s Infusing Jewish Food with Cannabis

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Life & Culture

Gene Wilder, right, in a scene with Cleavon Little from "Blazing Saddles," released in 1974. (Warner Bros./Courtesy of Getty Images)

In ‘Blazing Saddles,’ Gene Wilder helped recall a fading black-Jewish alliance

The late actor's portrayal of a washed-up gunslinger who befriends a black sheriff in the 1974 Western parody was a brief reminder of a more harmonious past.

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