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Israeli journalist Ari Shavit apologizes for ‘misunderstanding’ in response to reporter’s sexual assault account

Israeli journalist Ari Shavit apologizes for ‘misunderstanding’ in response to reporter’s sexual assault account

"Today I understand, with sorrow, that I completely misunderstood our interaction in that meeting," the Haaretz columnist wrote of his meeting with Danielle Berrin.

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Reporter for US Jewish newspaper says she was sexually assaulted by eminent Israeli journalist

Danielle Berrin did not name the journalist in her column published on the cover of the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, which is circulating in the Israeli media and on social media.

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Got Judaism, Need a Workout? Sport Groups Serve Outdoorsy Jews

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Israeli soccer union suspends controversial kippah ban


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European Parliament lifts Jean-Marie Le Pen’s immunity over incitement against Jews

The European Parliament also amended a draft report on Iran to include a rebuke of Tehran’s Holocaust denial and anti-Israel hate speech.

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