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PJ Library’s free books for kids spur Jewish connections, study finds

PJ Library’s free books for kids spur Jewish connections, study finds

More than half the intermarried couples who subscribe said the program makes their family more likely to observe Shabbat.

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Rabbi, 38, dies at Hasidic Jewish camp

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders and his wife hire lawyers as FBI probes fraud in her $10M loan

Decaying relations with Diaspora yield bold words in Israel, but little action

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United States


Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump, assistant to the president: ‘I try to stay out of politics’

In a "Fox & Friends" interview, the president's Jewish daughter described her religious practice as "a great reminder of core values."

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Israel & Middle East

Western Wall

Suspension of Western Wall deal leaves Jewish leaders feeling betrayed

Non-Orthodox leaders are figuring out how to respond to the suspension beyond continued vocal protest.

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Journalist Who Tape-recorded Eichmann Confessions is Ex-nazi Officer

Jewish Men More Likely to Marry Non-Jews; Wives More Likely to Convert to Judaism: Survey

Newspaper Praises British Jews’ Part in Politics, Letters and Shakespearean Studies

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Viktor Orban

Hungarian Jews slam prime minister’s praises for Hitler ally Horthy

Viktor Orban, whose party has clashed in the past with the Jewish community over honors for collaborators, listed the pro-Nazi leader with several "exceptional statesmen."

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From 70 Faces Media

Whole Wheat Challah French Toast with Caramelized Bananas

Maccabeats’ ‘Sound of Silence’ A-Capella Cover Is Actually Amazing

What Makes Rye Bread Jewish?

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Life & Culture

NASCAR’s first Israeli driver is an unlikely success story

With Jewish stars on his car and racing uniform, Alon Day stands out in a sport in which most drivers and fans are Christian.

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