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Trump stands by Jared Kushner amid FBI probe and reported tensions

Trump stands by Jared Kushner amid FBI probe and reported tensions

“Jared is doing a great job for the country,” the president said in a statement to The New York Times. "I have total confidence in him."

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Manchester attack

Arrested cousin of Manchester bomber posted anti-Semitic messages on Facebook

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United States

Jared Kushner Iraq

Jared Kushner reportedly encouraged to step aside as FBI investigates Russia contacts

Politico called Kushner the White House's " lead distraction" following what is being seen as a mostly successful first foreign trip for Trump.

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Israel & Middle East

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, wife questioned in tax fraud case

They were questioned by investigators hours after 14 suspects in a tax fraud case against Deri were detained by police.

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Hebrew to Be Taught in Gaza Strip Schools

Arabs and Jews Mingle in Both Parts of Reunited Jerusalem; Curfew Lifted

El Al to Cut New York-Tel Aviv Flying Time with New Planes

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Among Lithuania’s Jews, a fight for communal control takes a nasty ethnic turn

The leadership of the Jewish community of Vilnius, which has received millions in restitution money, said it would not honor a vote for change because the voters were Russian speakers without "Litvak blood."

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The Jewish Woman Behind Celebrity American Dolls

All the Kosher BBQ Festivals This Summer, from Vegas to Memphis

11 Jewish Celebrity Baby Names You’ll Love

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Life & Culture

This brave Jewish soldier saved an American battalion during WWI

Abraham Krotoshinsky brought help to the members of the Lost Battalion, who were trapped by the Germans.

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