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  • Maggie Gyllenhaal is expecting her second child

    Maggie Gylleenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard have just announced that they are expecting their second child together, who will be a younger sibling for 5-year-old Ramona. In addition to the inevitable tabloid “baby bump watch” (which is sort of like “storm watches” that track the progress of hurricanes and nor’easters but instead monitor the growth of…

  • Kat Denning’s a feminist

    Kat Dennings, star of CBS’ hit “2 Broke Girls” and self-described as a “billion percent Jewish,” was interviewed by Bust, which is a ladies magazine that isn’t trying to sell women cosmetics. “The way I view feminism — and I know there are a lot of different things going on — but, at its purest…

  • Scarlett Johansson’s progressive works

    From the Jew Gooder files: actress Scarlett Johansson, perhaps in a bid to become her generation’s Angelina Jolie, told Arianna Huffington about her charitable and advocacy works in the latest issue of Interview. “There are people in America who are absolutely desperate right now, who have no means to support their families, who have no…

  • Wodka Vodka wants to ‘Jew you down’

    The ADL has issued a statement decrying a billboard for Wodka Vodka. “Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing” was the ad’s tagline, which the ADL said was “crude and offensive” and “reinforces anti-Semitic stereotypes.”

  • Sarah Silverman, rape joke trailblazer

    Today’s New York Times has another one of their “trend” stories in which they assert the dubious existence of a new fad. This time, they’re talking about female comics making jokes about rape, which is a phenomenon that anecdotally seems to be on the rise. And the pioneering female rape stand-up comedian who started it…

  • Dan Harmon’s Community is shelved

    Yesterday NBC announced its midseason television schedule and as many feared, “Community,” a sitcom about a group of community college malcontents starring Joel McHale, wasn’t on it. Though NBC assured the press that the show is “on the bench for a bit” and will be back, fans are not wholly optimistic for the cult favorite’s long-term prospects.
    With the exception of “The Office,” NBC’s comedies are not rating bonanzas, but they have given the struggling network a distinctive brand as home to cutting edge, quirky shows. The network gave shows that weren’t immediate successes, such as “The Office,” time to grow and find their audiences. And while I’m devastated by this shelving (seriously, I’m muttering the lyrics to the “La Biblioteca” rap under my breath as I type), I can’t say that NBC hasn’t given the program a chance to find viewers.
    Community was created by Dan Harmon, who also co-created The Sarah Silverman Program. It has never been a ratings winner, which would suggest that it’s out of step with what American viewers want or that it’s not funny. (Blasphemy!) The program has also been accused of being too self-referential and meta (or as my college roommate once said, “about aboutness”), too insider-y, too difficult for the casual viewer to get into.

  • Drake opens up about his racial and religious identity

    In this week’s Village Voice, Drake speaks to one of the preeminent hip hop commentators, Jay Smooth. (Jay has written for the Source, founded one of the earliest hip hop blogs and hosts a popular vlog series called “Ill Doctrine.”) Since the songs from his new album “Take Care” leaked online, Jay takes the opportunity…

  • Jonathan Lipnicki is all grown up with a very Jewish tattoo

    Remember that kid from Jerry Maguire with the impossibly large head who was a font of random trivia? Judging from this photo (and many others) it seems that his body has caught up to his head size. For no apparent reason, there are dozens of photos showing Lipnicki shirtless at the gym, weight lifting and…

  • Sarah and Susan Silverman — new comedic duo?

    The two Silverman sisters–the comedienne Sarah and Reform rabbi Susan–appeared together at Boston University last night. Rabbi Silverman, who lives in Israel, is an alumnus of the school. The goal of the talk was to increase awareness of, and enrollment in, BU’s Judaic studies program. Yet despite her popularity, the decision to invite Sarah was…

  • Darren Aronofsky wants you to say ‘No’ to meth

    Meth is experiencing a pop culture moment thanks to the success of the AMC show “Breaking Bad,” about a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin, played by Bryan Cranston.
    While the series occasionally demonstrates the destructiveness of meth use –in one memorable scene a female addict flattens her boyfriend’s head with an ATM — it mostly focuses on the risks and rewards of being a manufacturer of the drug.
    So how does one properly scare teens and keep them from trying meth?
    Cue director Darren Aronofsky, author of several nightmares I had in college (due to late night viewings of “Requiem for a Dream”). He has put together several 30-second spots illustrating the destructiveness of meth use, which can lead to suicide attempts, gay male prostitution, and stealing from your family. The ads feature his signature dark and twisted style.