Darren Aronofsky wants you to say ‘No’ to meth


Meth is experiencing a pop culture moment thanks to the success of the AMC show “Breaking Bad,” about a mild-mannered high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin, played by Bryan Cranston.

While the series occasionally demonstrates the destructiveness of meth use –in one memorable scene a female addict flattens her boyfriend’s head with an ATM — it mostly focuses on the risks and rewards of being a manufacturer of the drug.

So how does one properly scare teens and keep them from trying meth?

Cue director Darren Aronofsky, author of several nightmares I had in college (due to late night viewings of “Requiem for a Dream”). He has put together several 30-second spots illustrating the destructiveness of meth use, which can lead to suicide attempts, gay male prostitution, and stealing from your family. The ads feature his signature dark and twisted style.

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