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is JTA's former associate editor.


  • Jonathan Sacks, he’s coming to America

    The recently retired British chief rabbi is hoping to bring his public spirited Jewish discourse to the United States.

  • Michael Moore is coming to the JCC

    The Oscar-winning documentarian Michael Moore is lending his celebrity to the Other Israel Film Festival.

  • VIDEO: Adelson wants nuke threat against Iran

    Blogger Philip Weiss captured video of Sheldon Adelson’s call this week for the United States to detonate a nuclear bomb as a warning to Iran.

  • North Korea to Bibi: Israel’s ‘a cancer’

    Welcome to the U.N., where Libya bickers with Bolivia, Azerbaijan and Armenia feud, and North Korea responds to Israel’s prime minister with name-calling.

  • United Nations week

    Ronald Lauder had kind words for Germany’s soon-to-be-unemployed foreign minister at a reception Tuesday at the Neue Galerie.

  • Obama at the U.N.

    Video and a full transcript of President Obama’s address this morning to the United Nations.

  • Shanah tovah from the White House (UPDATED)

    President Obama delivers his annual Rosh Hashanah greeting.

  • America’s Syria options considered, by The Onion

    Syria’s president helps the United States understand just how bad its options are.

  • Happy holidays, from Michele

    In her Rosh Hashanah message, Michele Bachmann writes that “Israel’s tomorrow is looking cloudier as the simmering heat of summer gives way to the winter reality that the safety and security of our good friend is more than uncertain, but may well be in serious peril.”

  • Tall Jew will rap for you

    Walking through Union Square last night, I came across this guy with a sign I couldn’t resist: 6’7″ Jew will rap for you.