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is JTA's former associate editor.


  • Palestinians in truck overrun security barriers at Ben Gurion Airport

    Security guards at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport fired on two Palestinians driving a stolen truck after it broke through two security barriers.

  • America’s Syria options considered, by The Onion

    Syria’s president helps the United States understand just how bad its options are.

  • Happy holidays, from Michele

    In her Rosh Hashanah message, Michele Bachmann writes that “Israel’s tomorrow is looking cloudier as the simmering heat of summer gives way to the winter reality that the safety and security of our good friend is more than uncertain, but may well be in serious peril.”

  • Tall Jew will rap for you

    Walking through Union Square last night, I came across this guy with a sign I couldn’t resist: 6’7″ Jew will rap for you.

  • Why you should quit Facebook

    Shimi Cohen shows why social networks are killing us.

  • House call from the doctor of soul

    The new Shlomo Carlebach musical glosses over history, but sure is nice to listen to.

  • JTA 5773: Top 10 Rosh Hashondas

    JTA rounds up the top Jewish stories that made us cringe in 5773.

  • Warsaw Uprising, scored and in color

    The Warsaw Rising museum added color and sound to archival footage that it plans to release as a feature film in cinemas in Poland and abroad next year.

  • Agudath Israel slams N.J. reparative therapy law

    The haredi Orthodox Agudath Israel of America condemned a New Jersey law prohibiting gay reparative therapy for minors as an infringement on religious freedom.

  • Ban in Jerusalem (UPDATED)

    The secretary-general of the United Nations made a rare acknowledgment that the organization over which he presides does not always treat Israel fairly.