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  • Argentine Jews discover rugby — and cheer on a ‘Jewish’ team called Hindu

    Traditionally not a very Jewish-friendly environment, Argentina’s rugby scene is now seeing more Jewish players and fans at the professional and amateur levels.

  • Colombia’s Jewish soccer hero: Jose Pekerman

    After leading Colombia to the World Cup semi-finals, coach Jose Pekerman has become a national hero — even though he is from Argentina.

  • The Jewish guide to the World Cup

    Just because Israel is not playing and none of the star players is Jewish doesn’t mean we couldn’t find a Jewish angle.

  • The pope’s rabbinic travel buddies

    Pope Francis is bringing not one but two Argentinean rabbis with him on his journey to the holy land.

  • Israel triumphs in the (Mini) World Cup

    Israeli athletes beat their South American competitors at an international Jewish soccer tournament for the pre-bar mitzvah set.

  • They call me Matajudios

    What’s in a name? A lot when it literally means “kill Jews.”

  • Jews score big at Argentina’s version of Emmys

    One-third of this year’s Tato Awards went to Jewish figures in the Argentine television industry.

  • Argentina’s history-making rabbi-lawmaker wears Jewishness on his sleeve

    With his party’s narrow victory on Sunday, it is believed that Buenos Aires legislator Sergio Bergman will be the only Diaspora rabbi to serve in a national parliament.

  • All you need is love

    That’s the message Israel is promoting this month at its stand at the Buenos Aires Book Fair. It’s a far cry from The House of Islam, another stand at the fair that displayed a book whose cover showed the Statue of Liberty with the face of George W. Bush. Instead of the traditional torch, the…

  • Israeli 24-hour global news channel to launch

    A new Israeli television channel that will broadcast news 24 hours a day in English, French and Arabic is set to launch this summer.