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  • Growing gender segregation among Israeli haredim seen as repressing women

    Growing segregation of men and women in the Israeli haredi Orthodox world is part of the larger, long-running battle in haredi society to keep outside influences at bay.

  • With haredi population growing, can Israel put them to work?

    With 65 percent of Israel’s haredi Orthodox population unemployed, the challenge of putting this rapidly growing segment of Israel’s population to work has economic and strategic implications for all of Israel.

  • Housing protests roil Israel as tent cities pop up

    With protesters erecting tent cities, blocking roads and besieging the Knesset, the Israeli government is under pressure to come up with a workable plan to resolve a housing crisis in Israel that has made renting and home-buying unaffordable for many people.

  • Press group rips strip searches at Israeli PM’s Office

    The association representing foreign correspondents in Israel condemned what it called “the continued harassment of journalists attending media events at the prime minister’s office,” criticizing strip searches of female reporters.

  • Jerusalem tries to get its cultural groove on

    A growing number of independent art spaces in Jerusalem is breathing fresh cultural energy — and even a hipster edge — into the city.

  • Cottage cheese becomes symbol of Israeli frustration with rising food prices

    Cottage cheese, a national staple in Israel that has seen its price rising steadily, has become the focus of a consumer revolt and a symbol of frustration with the high cost of living in the Jewish state.

  • Fixing broken hearts in Israel

    For doctors and children from developing countries, Holon-based Save a Child’s Heart delivers cardiac care. It’s all due to the brainchild of an American Jewish immigrant to Israel who died climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • With new investments, Israel again is looking to Africa

    With new investments and aid, Israel is beginning to look at Africa as a place of opportunity where it can help the continent develop and boost Israel’s own reputation in the process — as it did in the state’s early years.

  • Ten years after the Dolphinarium attack, a turning point for Israel’s Russian-speaking immigrants

    Ten years after the suicide bombing attack on Tel Aviv’s Dolphinarium disco, which took the lives of 21 teens, Israelis look back at a formative moment for the country’s Russian-speaking immigrant community.

  • Israelis rip Obama policies at embassy protest

    Israeli protesters demonstrated against President Obama’s recent statements on Israel and the Palestinians in front of the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv.