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  • Israeli wealthy class grows, transforming a country

    Money, much of it fueled by Israel’s technology boom, is transforming a country once considered a bastion of socialist, even Spartan values. The change has been most pronounced among a small, elite group.

  • Israelis fight flotilla fallout

    With satirical videos, Facebook groups and new websites, young Israelis are reaching out to mount a citizen-led effort to defend Israel’s actions in the flotilla affair.

  • Flotilla raid stokes debate on price of Gaza blockade

    The massive diplomatic fallout triggered by the flotilla confrontation has ratcheted up the debate in Israel over the efficacy of Israel’s policy of blockading Gaza.

  • Study of American Jews making its way into Israeli schools

    If an Israeli Education Ministry pilot program to teach about American Jewry takes root, Israeli schoolchildren will learn about the Diaspora’s largest Jewish community for the first time. (Yossi Zamir/Flash90) TEL AVIV, Israel (JTA) — The Jews of America may be the largest Jewish community in the Diaspora, but that does not mean Israeli schoolchildren…

  • Jerusalem: The city that drives people mad

    At a time when Jerusalem is at the center of major political debate, cases of Jerusalem syndrome are a reminder that the city not only drives politicians a bit mad, but some visitors, too.

  • Uphill battle to build Palestinian nonviolent movement

    Unlike the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the Palestinians who support nonviolent resistance against Israel see it as part of a calculated strategy to achieve Palestinians goals, not a philosophy.

  • Making aliyah in the golden years

    Increasing numbers of American are choosing to immigrate to Israel as senior citizens, realizing lifelong dreams of living in Israel.

  • Israelis want Shalit home, despite the price

    There is some national debate on the issue of whether it’s worthwhile to release 1,000 Palestinian prisoners to secure the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, but most Israelis appear to favor a deal, despite the potential security liabilities.

  • Islamic Movement gathers steam in Israel

    The Islamic Movement in Israel is growing thanks to a strategy that takes a page from Hamas’ focus on social services. Critics say the movement is radicalizing Israel’s Arabs.

  • Plans for new Palestinian city in West Bank raise hopes

    The Ramallah-based developers of the first planned Palestinian city hail the project as a prized and much-needed example of Palestinian economic development. Israeli officials are among those citing it as a symbol of Palestinian progress.