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  • Demolitions at center of battle over Jerusalem

    The dispute over evictions and demolitions in Arab areas of eastern Jerusalem is the most recent marker in the long-running battle over the city.

  • Native-born children of foreign workers pose dilemma for Israel

    Israel, which has no immigration policy for non-Jews, finds itself in uncharted territory when it comes to the children born to foreign workers.

  • Fatah congress focuses on split with Hamas

    The rivalry with Hamas, along with discussion of how to resolve the Palestinian political deadlock, was front and center at the Fatah movement’s first congress in 20 years.

  • Rajoub: Violence against Israel still an option

    A leading contender for the leadership of the Palestinian Fatah movement said armed struggle against Israel is still an option.

  • Hollywood gets hot for Israel

    With the Emmy-nominated “In Treatment,” adapted by HBO from an Israeli show, and other recent successes in TV and film, Israel is making a name for itself in the entertainment industry.

  • Amid relatively calm West Bank, settlers still struggle with security

    The Israeli military and the main settler organization say security has improved in the West Bank, but settlers say they still must cope with attacks on the roads — and worry that the removal of security roadblocks will eventually lead to tragedy.

  • Maccabiah athletes find Jewish pride, not just sport, at Games

    By touring Israel, visiting historic sites, and even taking part in mass bar mitzvah ceremonies, many of the 8,000 or so athletes in Israel for the 18th Maccabiah Games are finding that the games are as much about fostering their sense of Jewish belonging and pride as they are about athletics.

  • In Beit Shemesh, residents struggle to counter violent religious coercion

    A group of haredi Orthodox fundamentalists in Beit Shemesh uses violence and threats to impose an uncompromising brand of religious fundamentalism on their community. More moderate haredim and Modern Orthodox Jews are struggling to fight back.

  • New rules have Diaspora converts waiting on Israel

    New Israeli regulations that make it more difficult for converts from the Diaspora to obtain Israeli citizenship constitute the latest chapter in the long-running battle over who is a Jew — a question that repeatedly has strained Diaspora-Israel relations.

  • So far, no new settlement building approved by Netanyahu gov’t

    Despite his expressed support for allowing the “natural growth” of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has not approved any additional construction for Jews there. Israeli critics of the settlements say enough building plans already have been approved to keep settlement construction going for years.