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  • Israel wrestles with settler challenge

    Bringing radical Jewish settlers under control and enforcing evacuation orders for illegal West Bank outposts has proved a conundrum for successive Israeli governments. Will the new Israeli government be any different?

  • The view from a West Bank hilltop

    JTA’s Dina Kraft visits Havat Gilad, an illegal Jewish settlement outpost in the West Bank slated for evacuation. Residents there say they have no intention of leaving, and they’ll fight if necessary.

  • Some Jewish settlers turning against Israel

    Confident they are following the word of God, a small but vocal and increasingly violent constituency of the Jewish settler movement has become the face of radical Jewish nationalism in Israel.

  • Can gay friendliness boost Israel’s image?

    Israel advocates, including the Foreign Ministry, have found Israel’s relatively gay-friendly society a good way to sell a more progressive image of Israeli society to the world.

  • Israeli bills aimed at limiting dissent spark fierce debate

    While not expected to pass, the proposal of several Knesset bills aimed at limiting public dissent in the Jewish state has sparked fierce debate about what it means that they emerged on the Israeli political horizon at all.

  • How a settlement’s ‘natural growth’ appears at ground level

    In Modiin Illit, one of the fastest-growing Jewish settlements in the West Bank, the “natural growth” that Washington wants halted appears unstoppable.

  • Marranos helping Israeli PR effort

    Israel is turning to an unlikely group of foot soldiers for Israel advocacy: the descendants of Spanish and Portuguese Crypto-Jews who are looking to renew their ties to the Jewish people.

  • U.S. Jews boosting Arab employment in Israel

    The backing for a new social venture fund to improve employment and educational opportunities for Arab Israelis comes from a seemingly unlikely source: American Jews.

  • Israelis watching, waiting ahead of Obama-Bibi meeting

    Some Israelis are a bit jittery as their new prime minister heads to the United States next week for his first White House meeting with President Obama.

  • Christians in Israel: A minority within a minority

    Christians in Israel are hoping Pope Benedict’s upcoming trip will bring attention to their community, which has something of a splintered identity in the Jewish state.