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  • For Arab-Jewish singing duo, coexistence conquers criticism

    Shaking off criticism from their Arab and Jewish publics, Achinoam Nini and Mira Awad head to Moscow to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • Economic crisis prompting Israeli expats to return home

    As Israel turns 61, the global economic crisis is prompting Israelis living overseas to act on their long-deferred plans to return home.

  • Rioting in Umm el-Fahm highlights tension

    In a battle played out in courtyards, olive groves and the puddle-filled pavement, hundreds of youth clashed with Israeli riot police to protest a march in their Israeli-Arab town by a band of far-right activists.

  • Deal’s collapse extends Shalit saga

    The collapse of 11th-hour negotiations to free Gilad Shalit extends the emotional saga in Israel surrounding the captive solider.

  • To revitalize Jerusalem, new mayor looks to Diaspora

    Nir Barkat, Jerusalem’s new mayor, wants Diaspora Jews to be “shareholders” in his plans for the city’s revitalization.

  • For Israel’s female soldiers, someone new to provide strength

    The first female officer in the IDF’s Rabbinate Corps is helping religiously observant women preserve their values while serving in the Israeli army.

  • Secular Israelis forge new ways to connect with Judaism

    A fast-growing number of secular-oriented spiritual communities are springing up around Israel, tapping into a desire by more and more Israelis to connect, in some cases for the first time, with Jewish culture and heritage.

  • Lifeline cut as Palestinians vacate Israeli hospitals

    After the Palestinian Authority eliminated funding for Palestinian patients under care at Israeli hospitals, thousands of sick Palestinians find themselves with no recourse for the treatment they need.

  • Wanted in Israel: electoral reform

    Many Israelis are hoping the deadlock prompted by Israel’s most recent election, in which the leaders of two parties are competing to form governing coalitions, might finally spark electoral reform.

  • Lieberman’s moment

    Riding a wave of popularity, Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman was greeted by cheering crowds on Election Day.