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  • Merkel: E.U. committed to Israel

    The European Union is committed to fighting anti-Semitism and ensuring Israel is secure, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in Jerusalem.

  • Ukraine film festival condemned

    Jewish leaders in southern Ukraine backed regional authorities in condemning a local film festival seen by critics as promoting ultranationalism among students.

  • Funny beer brewing

    Israeli entrepreneurs reportedly have developed a beer that contains laughing gas.

  • Matzah ice cream in Israel

    Ben & Jerry’s is marketing a matzah-flavored ice cream in Israel.

  • Rabbi nabbed for shoplifting, hospitalized

    Brazil’s best-known rabbi, who was charged with shoplifting in Florida, was hospitalized for what doctors termed a mood disorder.

  • Olmert open to Syria talks

    Ehud Olmert said he was open to renewing Israeli-Syrian peace talks.

  • Study: 10 percent of Swiss anti-Semitic

    Ten percent of the Swiss population is anti-Semitic, according to a study.

  • Survivors still seek justice

    Holocaust survivor groups and key congressional leaders have joined two separate issues — the opening of the Bad Arolsen archives on Holocaust victims and the quest to recover unpaid insurance claims — into a single cause.

  • Exposing Iran’s links to the Nazis

    Though Iran’s president now describes the Holocaust as a myth, his country was closely tied to the Nazis before and during World War II.

  • Report: Moses, Israelites flee Egypt

    Following a series of inexplicable natural disasters, a huge troop of Israelites is reported to have fled Egypt in the dead of night, while the pursuing Egyptian armies were last seen foundering in the Red Sea.