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  • Nearly 70 years after liberation, Holocaust memorials continue to proliferate

    Hardly an unusual sight in big cities, Holocaust museums and memorials are now cropping up in more out-of-the-way places like Terre Haute, Ind. and Alexandria, La.

  • Muslim fashionistas draw global audience

    Religious Jews aren’t the only ones reconciling ancient sartorial traditions with modern fashions, as JTA reported earlier this month. So are some Muslims.

  • Jewish Scouting leaders vocal on gay inclusion

    Jewish Scouting leaders are taking a vocal role in efforts to pass a historic resolution that would partially lift a ban on gays in the Boy Scouts of America.

  • Chabad women blend tradition and fashion

    Last week, I wrote about Chabad men with a passion for fashion, some of whom are finding ways of incorporating new styles into the strict haredi dress code. This week, the website Fashionista wrote about women in the same haredi group who are doing the same: Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik, the creators of MIMU…

  • Is directing a movie one of those skills you never forget, like riding a bicycle?

    That must have been a question that went through the mind of Rama Burshtein when her debut film “Fill the Void” came out in Israel last year. More than 20 years had passed since she graduated from the Sam Spiegel film school in Jerusalem and became haredi, leaving her secular life and passion for the…

  • Breaking with all black, some Chabad men pushing fashion boundaries

    Few religious groups have as rigid a dress code as hasidic men. But a group of Chabad men are gently pushing sartorial boundaries, subtly embellishing traditional garb and, in a few cases, dispensing with it altogether. JTA’s Gil Shefler reports.

  • Meet restaurateur Lisa Schroeder, Portland’s unofficial Jewish mother in chief

    Mother’s Bistro & Bar is a Jewish establishment more in concept than cuisine, devoted to that time-honored Mosaic tradition of mother worship. JTA’s Gil Shefler reports.

  • Amid Portland’s Jewish population surge, community leaders try to lure the young and hip

    Oregon’s bike-friendly capital of cool discovered recently that it had twice as many Jews as previously thought. Can Portland’s Jewish institutions attract the newcomers to Jewish life? JTA’s Gil Shefler reports.

  • Israel fails in survey on freedom of marriage

    Israel received the lowest possible score in a freedom of marriage survey conducted by the Israeli religious rights organization Hiddush.

  • Secret history of Jewish Portland revealed

    Last weekend the Jewish community of Portland, Oregon threw itself a big party. The Food for Thought festival organized by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland sought to strengthen community identity, bring unaffiliated into the fold and collect food for the Oregon Food Bank, a local charity. It was also an opportunity to showcase the…