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is the managing editor of MyJewishLearning. Follow her on Twitter @Julie_Wiener


  • Hamas announces its ‘heroes’ are digging new tunnels and ‘experimenting with rockets’

    (JTA) — Palestinian “heroes” are digging tunnels to be used in future attacks on Israel, Hamas’ senior political leader said. At a funeral in Gaza City Friday for seven Hamas operatives killed when rain and flooding caused a tunnel they were working on to collapse, Ismail Haniyeh said preparations are underway for the next confrontation with…

  • Founder of ‘Birthright for Moms': Jews should move to Israel before end of days

    (JTA) — The founder of group that claims to have taken 7,300 Jewish mothers on subsidized tours of Israel has posted a video that references the end of days and urges Jews to move to Israel for safety reasons. Lori Palatnik, founder and director of the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, which runs trips that some…

  • Israelis near Gaza border concerned about stepped-up tunnel construction

    (JTA) — Israelis living next to the Gaza border are reporting that they can literally feel the effect of Palestinians digging tunnels nearby. Gadi Yarkoni, the head of the Eshkol Regional Council, said Thursday that many residents of Moshav Pri Gan are complaining that they have heard increased underground digging in the past few weeks…

  • Seinfeld on ‘Daily Show': Israelis ‘all or nothing’

    (JTA) — Jerry Seinfeld told “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah that Israelis are “all or nothing.” On the show Wednesday night, Noah opened his conversation with Seinfeld, 61, by asking about his recent trip to Israel, his first time performing there. “The audiences were amazing,” Seinfeld said. “Israelis, everything you ask them is either ‘It’s…

  • 90 LGBT activists call anti-Israel behavior at conference ‘dangerous’ and ‘deeply disturbing’

    (JTA) — Days after 200 anti-Israel demonstrators forcibly shut down a reception at the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Creating Change conference, a group of American LGBT activists, both Jewish and non-Jewish, condemned the protesters’ behavior as “unacceptable and not in accord with the Task Force’s values of pluralism, inclusivity and thoughtful debate.” The strongly worded open…

  • 8 Hamas members missing in Gaza tunnel collapse

    Rain and flooding caused the collapse several days after a 30-year-old man was killed in another tunnel mishap.

  • Hunger-striking Jewish extremist collapses in prison

    Meir Ettinger was given emergency medical treatment nine days after launching the strike in protest of his administrative detention.

  • Rap star B.o.B.’s latest track promotes Holocaust denier

    The song offers support for David Irving, along with reiterating a claim made on Twitter that the earth is flat.

  • Second alleged Jewish terrorist in detention begins hunger strike

    (JTA) — Eight days after alleged Jewish terrorist Meir Ettinger launched a hunger strike to protest his administrative detention, a second detainee reportedly has started his own strike. Eviatar Slonim, a dual citizen of Australia and Israel who was arrested in August, joined Ettinger in the hunger strike, according to the Times of Israel. Slonim…

  • Israeli soldiers sentenced to prison for fatally shooting camel

    The soldiers, who were on leave at the time, were driving past the camel when the driver shot it.