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  • Divestment back in Somerville

    A group pushing divestment from Israel is back ahead of a state senate election in a Boston suburb.

  • Teaching Jewish adults well

    As a new survey shows that Me’ah, an intensive Jewish adult education program, is bearing fruit, the program is spreading from Boston across the country.

  • New bio of Sharon for young adults

    A new biography of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is geared toward young adults.

  • Model wooden Polish shul stirs memories

    A team of art historians, working with historians, genealogists, architects and others, has created a model of a wooden Polish shul; they hope one day to recreate the real shul.

  • Unorthodox Orthodox fiction

    Can you image an Orthodox Bar Mitzvah celebrated in the Arizona desert soon after the Civil War, with a guest list that includes Apache warriors, gun-slinging outlaws and a minyan imported from Tombstone? One Hollywood screenwriter, who is turning his att

  • Talkin’ Jewish books

    A U.S. program, a joint venture of the American Library Association and a Jewish group known as Nextbook, helps to promote knowledge of Jewish literature.

  • Divestment voted down

    After more than a month of debate, aldermen in the city of Somerville, Mass., voted unanimously against a proposal to divestment from Israel.

  • Boston debate over Israel divestment

    In a Boston suburb, locals debate a resolution to divest the city’s retirement fund of its holdings in Israel Bonds.

  • Abraham and Moses for kids

    With the release of the kids version of “Walking the Bible,” author Bruce Feiler encourages a younger generation to travel the biblical world and treat the Bible as a living map and guide.

  • Encouraging kids’ spirituality

    They may not know who she is, but if a generation of young people has grown more comfortable expressing their views about God, they may want to thank author Sandy Eisenberg Sasso.