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  • Piecing together Jewish pasts in Poland

    A Jewish awakening in Poland has many Poles discovering their Jewish roots and many Diaspora Jews exploring their Polish Jewish heritage.

  • Court OKs Talansky deposition

    Israel’s Supreme Court will allow prosecutors to depose the U.S. businessman at the heart of a scandal involving Ehud Olmert.

  • Israeli airstrikes kill 3

    Israeli airstrikes killed three Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

  • Israel hit on handling of Ethiopians

    A state audit faulted Israel’s handling of recent Ethiopian immigrants.

  • British Jewry rising

    The Jewish population in Britain grew for the first time since World War II, University of Manchester researchers said.

  • Workshop on welcoming GLBT Jews

    An advocacy group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Jews runs a three-day workshop on providing community educators with the tools to provide a more welcoming atmosphere.

  • Kosher workers allege sex abuse

    Former workers at the nation’s largest kosher slaughterhouse allege they were the victims of sexual abuse.

  • Fifth swastika found on N. Dakota campus

    Another swastika was scrawled on a building at the University of North Dakota.

  • Going the route on Passover

    For a holiday celebrated by more Jews than any other for its universal theme of freedom and ease of celebrating at home, liberation for many comes only when Passover has passed over because of the food restrictions.

  • JCPA endorses two-state solution

    The Jewish Council for Public Affairs endorsed for the first time a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.