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  • Piecing together Jewish pasts in Poland

    A Jewish awakening in Poland has many Poles discovering their Jewish roots and many Diaspora Jews exploring their Polish Jewish heritage.

  • Workshop on welcoming GLBT Jews

    An advocacy group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Jews runs a three-day workshop on providing community educators with the tools to provide a more welcoming atmosphere.

  • Going the route on Passover

    For a holiday celebrated by more Jews than any other for its universal theme of freedom and ease of celebrating at home, liberation for many comes only when Passover has passed over because of the food restrictions.

  • Talking elections at policy conference

    With the approach of the pivotal March 4 primaries, many of the roughly 400 people attending the JCPA conference, a bastion of liberal Democrats even among Jews, were grappling with the political endgame.

  • Englander’s disappearing act

    In his highly anticipated debut novel, “The Ministry of Special Cases,” Nathan Englander uses Jewish characters in Argentina to explore the agony of searching for a missing person.

  • Southerner learns in land of Limmud

    Limmud NY brought community delegations from across the country to observe the program with an eye toward transporting the concept to their home communities. One Atlantan thinks it will go over big in Dixie.

  • For JDaters, Caribbean’s a sea of love

    A Caribbean vacation at Club Med provided an idyllic setting for a JDate getaway, as the online Jewish dating service increasingly ventures into offline, face-to-face events.

  • Memphis gets modern Orthodox school

    Can a prestigious, Orthodox prep school from Manhattan take root in Memphis? The founder of the new Memphis Jewish high school is betting it can.

  • Israel critic defeated in Georgia

    Vehemently anti-Israel Rep. Cynthia McKinney lost the race to retain her congressional seat in Georgia, but this time she can’t blame the Jews.

  • Atlanta community surges

    Atlanta’s Jewish community, an unusual hybrid of natives and newcomers, has soared in the past decade.