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  • Matisyahu releases Israel-made music video

    Matisyahu has released the music video for the title track of his new album “Sunshine.” The video was filmed over a 3-day shoot in Israel. Conveniently, “Sunshine” also describes the color of the soul-searching musician’s new bleach-blonde hairdo.

  • [UPDATE] Mayim Bialik will keep using Facebook, disable comments

    Following Mayim Bialik’s proposed break-up with Facebook last week, the actress spent the Memorial Day/Shavuot weekend relaxing and weighing her options. Today, the actress wrote that she’s reached some kind of compromise with her Facebook-ing ways of yester-week. Straight from the Blossom’s mouth (via Kveller): I am told I can post to Facebook and make…

  • Israeli teen Odeya Rush will star in ‘Passion of the Christ’ prequel

    Sweet ‘imma’ of Jesus. 15-year-old Israeli actress Odeya Rush has been tapped to play the lead role in “Mary,” reports Ynet. The film is prequel to Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ” chronicling the early years of the virgin Mary. (Gibson isn’t involved in the film.) Born and raised in Haifa, Rush moved to New…

  • Mayim Bialik is quitting Facebook

    Mayim Bialik is taking a break from Facebook with a “bang.” “I think it is really sad that social media has beaten me down, and I wish I was more resilient,” she wrote on Thursday in a blog post on Jewish parenting blog The Kveller. The former Blossom star and recent parenting book author cited…

  • Birthday haiku for William Shatner

    **** Must. Not. Lose. Focus. Crucial. Anniversary. I AM… CAPTAIN KIRK. **** Happy birthday, William Shatner, M.O.T.

  • Birthday haiku for Adam Levine (Mar. 18)

    **** Button, Tilt-a-whirl sing your best, make him swivel he’ll grovel for you **** Happy birthday, Adam Levine. (From Maroon 5 and NBC’s The Voice.)

  • Birthday haiku for Rachel Dratch

    **** A gift, with ribbons Bet lots of ducks die each year from getting tangled **** Happy birthday, Rachel Dratch. (Of Debbie Downer fame.) HEY KIDS! Check out Rachel Dratch and our friends at the JTA Archive at Tribefest this year.

  • Jesse Eisenberg Lin-vents more mythology

    Jesse Eisenberg goes all “Chuck Norris” facts on newly-knighted Knicks legend Jeremy Lin: Bullies chased me through the gym hurling rocks and insults when a young Taiwanese-American boy stepped in between me and my attackers. It was little Jeremy Lin, who was four years younger but in my class because he skipped several years of…

  • Birthday haiku for Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    **** Three rocks from the sun an alien teen grows up, infiltrates your dreams **** Happy birthday, JoGo.

  • Birthday haiku for Mark Spitz

    **** Besides the mustache swam faster by pretending mother was chasing **** Happy birthday, Mark Spitz.