Mayim Bialik is quitting Facebook


Mayim Bialik is taking a break from Facebook with a “bang.”

“I think it is really sad that social media has beaten me down, and I wish I was more resilient,” she wrote on Thursday in a blog post on Jewish parenting blog The Kveller.

The former Blossom star and recent parenting book author cited an incident on Wednesday, when a number of Facebook users criticized her for wearing a sheer shell under a sleeveless dress, an innovation that she celebrated as a “tznius (modest) shell.”

“Who knew that the orthodox ladies criticizing my cleavage would be the straw that broke the camel’s back? well, it was,” wrote Bialik in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

The incident comes Just two weeks after Wired Magazine’s GeekMom blog criticized the Bing Bang Theory actress for not vaccinating her children.

No word on whether her page will stay up for now. In the meantime, Bialik informed Kveller readers that she’ll keep to tweeting, “since the character limit will reign me in and prevent me from oversharing and going back and forth with angry people saying things to me they would never say to anyone in person.”

Apparently, she hasn’t considered the possibility that people can tweet mean things, too.

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