[UPDATE] Mayim Bialik will keep using Facebook, disable comments


Facebook hasn't had much going for it since the IP-Oh, snap! Mayim Bialik is back on Facebook.

Following Mayim Bialik’s proposed break-up with Facebook last week, the actress spent the Memorial Day/Shavuot weekend relaxing and weighing her options.

Today, the actress wrote that she’s reached some kind of compromise with her Facebook-ing ways of yester-week.

Straight from the Blossom’s mouth (via Kveller):

I am told I can post to Facebook and make my page a non-commenting page and I think I like that. Not so “what I say goes” but moreso because if I post something and you feel passionate about it, it can go forth and be discussed among people you want to discuss it with, and not every single person who glances at the title (or picture–ahem) and thinks they can pass judgment on it.



That’s the plan for now.

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