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is JTA's web content producer and also in charge of weekly video packages and occasional design projects. Uri is from Tel Aviv, Israel and a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism. He has interned with several television stations in Portland, Ore., and in CBS News in New York.


  • OMG ‘One Direction’ speak Hebrew (and get kissed by Dustin Hoffman)

    It’s been an interesting week if you are a Jewish/Israeli fan of the boy band phenomenon “One Direction.” The band hung out in New York last week for a concert at the Madison Square Garden, and visited David Letterman on Friday. The guest before 1D was Dustin Hoffman, and when he realized that he doesn’t…

  • 25 cats and dogs admiring their Menorahs

    The Festival of Lights is upon us, and what better way to spend it than with your favorite friends — cats and dogs (they are more fun to celebrate with than humans anyway).
    So have a happy Meownukkah and don’t forget to light the Menowuff!
    That’s my cat!

  • Maccabeats’ newest Chanukah video features kids, StandFour should now use puppies

    This is turning out to be the Jewish and very nice version of “One Direction” vs. “The Wanted.” Only last week, four ex-Maccabeats singers posted the Chanukah mashup song “Eight Nights,” featuring elements from songs by “The Fun,” Ke$ha and “One Direction.” Today, current members of the Maccabeats — Yeshiva University’s Jewish a cappella group…

  • Bar Refaeli wears Santa costume, upsets some Jewish tweeps

    You better watch out, Bar Refaeli is coming to town. The Israeli supermodel posted a photo on Instagram in which she appears somewhat hungover and wearing a Santa suit, with the caption “Good Morning Santa!” And if anyone thought that a photo of a Jewish model wearing Christmas gear would go without any comments, they…

  • ‘Nice Jewish Guys’ Calendar is back!

    Attention ladies and gentlemen, it is time to once again to say hello to the 12 nicest, most pleasant looking guys, who will always call the next day, bring you soup when you’re sick and be nice to your mother! Yes, 2013 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar is here, just in time for the holiday season….

  • Breaking News: Honey Boo Boo supports Israel

    Are the publicity problems Israel has been suffering lately finally over? Or did they just get worse? In the wake of the U.N. vote that granted the Palestinians an observer status and was considered a landslide defeat by Israeli politicians, and just days after even Sonia Manzano Sesame Street’s favorite Latina resident, Maria, called Israel “bullies,” the…

  • Wonder quits Friends of IDF gig, Maria of ‘Sesame Street’ slams Israel, ‘Hebrew Hammer’ VS Hitler

    Stevie Wonder pulls out of Friends of IDF gig in L.A., Maria of “Sesame Street” rants about Israel on Twitter and a planned ‘Hebrew Hammer’ sequel has the hero taking on Hitler.

  • ‘Maria’ of ‘Sesame Street’ calls Israel ‘bullies’

    Remember the days where Sesame Street was all about muppets and letters and numbers? Apparently those days are over, because the latest controversy from America’s most famous street comes from actress Sonia Manzano, who is better known on “Sesame Street as “Maria.” Manzano took her thoughts about the Middle East to Twitter with two tweets…

  • If ‘New Girl’ was an old Jewish woman (VIDEO)

    A few weeks ago we posted the “Funny or Die” video “Jew Girl,” a Jewish parody about Fox’s hit television show “New Girl.” Well, the Jewish parodies of Zooey Deschanel just keep coming — the newest one being “Old Girl,” it’s like “New Girl,” but old! And since grumpy old people are generally funnier, this…

  • The Hebrew Hammer is back to kill Hitler (with your help!)

    Nine years ago, Mordechai Jefferson Carver, better known as “The Hebrew Hammer,” became a modern Jewish hero after saving Chanukah from the evil son of Santa Clause. The low-budget Jewish blaxploitation film — featuring Adam Goldberg as the Hammer, Judy Greer as his love interest Esther Bloomenbergensteinenthal, Andy Dick as evil Damian Claus and others —…