Maccabeats’ newest Chanukah video features kids, StandFour should now use puppies


This is turning out to be the Jewish and very nice version of “One Direction” vs. “The Wanted.”

Only last week, four ex-Maccabeats singers posted the Chanukah mashup song “Eight Nights,” featuring elements from songs by “The Fun,” Ke$ha and “One Direction.”

Today, current members of the Maccabeats — Yeshiva University’s Jewish a cappella group — posted their newest song for the festival of lights. The song, “Shine,” is an original by group member Uri Westrich. While the Maccabeats were a little late to join this year’s a cappella party, their music video featured a key element –kids.

Even better, little girls selling hot cocoa for 50 cents. In addition, the members of the Maccabeats performed in the video next to signs that promote bone marrow transplant, as part of the Join the Miracle Match campaign.

Knock out. You really can’t beat that.

If I’m StandFour, I am filming my next music video in the Humane Society as we rescue puppies and kittens. It will be really hard for the Maccabeats to recover from that.

Here is the music video, enjoy!

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