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is JTA's managing editor, responsible for coordinating JTA's editorial team. He re-joined JTA in 2007 after a stint doing independent reporting in Israel and the Arab world. Before that, he served as New York bureau chief of the Jerusalem Post. An award-winning journalist, he has worked as a reporter for a variety of publications in the United States and in Israel.


  • Five years after landmark declaration, Holocaust restitution moves slowly in Eastern Europe

    The 2009 Terezin Declaration affirmed the urgency of restitution efforts, but there has not been much progress in its wake.

  • Does the RCA hold too much sway over Orthodox conversion?

    The recent case of a convert whose wedding was nearly derailed is fueling critics of a leading Orthodox rabbinic association’s approach to conversion.

  • Can Orthodox Jews save Winnipeg?

    Winnipeg’s strategy to save its Jewish community hasn’t exactly worked out as planned. Now Jewish federation CEO Bob Freedman is turning his sights to a new target population: Orthodox Jews.

  • Seeking newcomers overseas, Winnipeg Jews don’t get what they expected

    Facing serious decline more than a decade ago, Winnipeg’s Jewish community made a bold gamble: recruit Jewish foreigners. Thirteen years on, it hasn’t turned out exactly as planned.

  • Y.U. rabbis vs. everyone else

    It turns out that Yeshiva University is ordaining more rabbis this year than all the other U.S. denominational rabbinical schools combined.

  • Rabbis respond: What about us?

    A few rabbis ordained by online programs took issue with JTA’s characterization of their schools in our story, “So you’ve decided to become a rabbi…”

  • Flash flood in Israel’s desert (VIDEO)

    A video of a flash flood in Israel may resemble what the Red Sea looked like when the waters came rushing back at the Egyptians.

  • Who’s leading the U.S. rabbinical school scene?

    Ranking America’s rabbinical schools by number of graduates turns out more than a few surprises.

  • So you’ve decided to become a rabbi…

    Uriel Heilman weighs the ups and downs of becoming a rabbi in America.

  • Jason Bateman speaks Yiddish? Dayeinu!

    It appears that Jon Stewart does not know the meaning of the Yiddish term chazzerai — but Jason Bateman does. On the flip side, Bateman thinks the Seder plate items are game pieces, and he wants to be the shankbone.