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  • Report card: The Gaza war

    In all, 3,356 rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza, two-thirds of Hamas’ rocket arsenal was destroyed or depleted, 32 tunnels were destroyed, and 4,762 targets in Gaza were struck by Israel, according to the IDF.

  • NYT photographer explains absence of Hamas fighters

    New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks explains why the Times hasn’t run any photos of Hamas fighters or missiles in Gaza.

  • Who won and who lost in the Gaza war?

    This time, the outcome of the war is clearer than the last two times Israel and Hamas did battle, in 2009 and 2012. But is the next war just around the corner?

  • The dilemma of Israel’s captured soldier

    How will the Gilad Shalit experience influence how Israel deals with Hamas’ capture of Lt. Hadar Goldin?

  • NYT on why it hasn’t shown photos of Hamas fighters: We don’t have any

    The New York Times says it eagerly pursues photos from both sides of the Israel-Hamas conflict, but so far their photographer in Gaza hasn’t even seen anyone carrying a gun.

  • The images missing from the Gaza war

    Why are Western media outlets omitting images of Hamas fighters in Gaza from their coverage of the war?

  • 4 videos on the Gaza war that have pro-Israel viewers cheering

    Amid the fighting in Gaza and Israel, video clips of Joan Rivers, Howard Stern, Ron Dermer and Hillel Neuer are cheering the pro-Israel crowd.

  • In U.S., Gaza conflict reverberates on air and in the streets

    American supporters and critics of Israel are battling it out over the Gaza conflict — with commentary, slogans, demonstrations and some notable rants by Joan Rivers and Howard Stern.

  • Soundtrack to the war

    Three videos, of Israeli toddlers during a rocket drill, of Israeli soldiers getting psyched for battle and of a father and son singing together, offer an alternative soundtrack for the Israel-Gaza conflict.

  • Why the Tel Aviv flight cancellations are such a blow to Israel

    The airlines’ decisions to cancel flights to and from Tel Aviv were a distressing reality check to a country that prides itself on being an island of normalcy in a sea of chaos.