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is JTA's senior writer and former managing editor. Follow him on Twitter at @urielheilman.


  • RIP Joan Rivers, you Jewess, you

    In which we remember the “queen of the barbed one-liners.”

  • Manhattan’s Ramaz school clarifies advice on concealing kippahs

    The principal of an Orthodox day school in New York who suggested that students might want to conceal signs of their Jewishness while walking around the neighborhood disagrees — with himself.

  • Why the U.S. and Israel are not getting along

    The Obama administration and the Israeli government are looking at the same war but seeing things much differently.

  • Facing Islamist threats, Arab nations tilt toward Israel

    Between the war in Gaza and gains by Islamic militants in Iraq, Syria and Libya, there’s plenty of cause for pessimism about the Mideast. But there’s some good news for Israel there.

  • Finding the Goldbergs: A Catskills mystery unraveled

    When JTA’s Uriel Heilman stumbled upon an abandoned house in the Catskills, a trail of clues led to a remarkable Borscht Belt story.

  • The story behind NDTV’s rocket launch footage

    The most remarkable thing about the attention NDTV has gotten for showing footage of a Hamas rocket launch in Gaza is the dearth of additional videos showing Hamas attacks against Israel.

  • NYT photographer: I’ve never faced pressure from Hamas on photos

    The New York Times asks one of its photographers in Gaza if he ever faced pressure not to take certain photos. Never, he says. (And he hasn’t seen any militants, either.)

  • WATCH: Indian TV records Gaza rocket launch

    India’s NDTV gets what The New York Times said it could not: footage of Hamas fighters in Gaza assembling and then launching a rocket.

  • Report card: The Gaza war

    In all, 3,356 rockets were fired at Israel from Gaza, two-thirds of Hamas’ rocket arsenal was destroyed or depleted, 32 tunnels were destroyed, and 4,762 targets in Gaza were struck by Israel, according to the IDF.

  • NYT photographer explains absence of Hamas fighters

    New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks explains why the Times hasn’t run any photos of Hamas fighters or missiles in Gaza.