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is JTA's senior writer and former managing editor. Follow him on Twitter at @urielheilman


  • Can Orthodox Jews save Winnipeg?

    Winnipeg’s strategy to save its Jewish community hasn’t exactly worked out as planned. Now Jewish federation CEO Bob Freedman is turning his sights to a new target population: Orthodox Jews.

  • Seeking newcomers overseas, Winnipeg Jews don’t get what they expected

    Facing serious decline more than a decade ago, Winnipeg’s Jewish community made a bold gamble: recruit Jewish foreigners. Thirteen years on, it hasn’t turned out exactly as planned.

  • Y.U. rabbis vs. everyone else

    It turns out that Yeshiva University is ordaining more rabbis this year than all the other U.S. denominational rabbinical schools combined.

  • Rabbis respond: What about us?

    A few rabbis ordained by online programs took issue with JTA’s characterization of their schools in our story, “So you’ve decided to become a rabbi…”

  • Flash flood in Israel’s desert (VIDEO)

    A video of a flash flood in Israel may resemble what the Red Sea looked like when the waters came rushing back at the Egyptians.

  • Who’s leading the U.S. rabbinical school scene?

    Ranking America’s rabbinical schools by number of graduates turns out more than a few surprises.

  • So you’ve decided to become a rabbi…

    Uriel Heilman weighs the ups and downs of becoming a rabbi in America.

  • Jason Bateman speaks Yiddish? Dayeinu!

    It appears that Jon Stewart does not know the meaning of the Yiddish term chazzerai — but Jason Bateman does. On the flip side, Bateman thinks the Seder plate items are game pieces, and he wants to be the shankbone.

  • The guy who missed the Malaysia Airlines flight

    Did an Israeli travel agent’s insistence on Sabbath observance save a passenger from ill-fated Malaysia Airlines flight 370?

  • With Venezuela in a tailspin, growing number of Jews opting for Plan B

    Venezuela’s Jewish community has shrunk by more than half since 2000. The recent mass protests in the country have given added impetus to the emigration.