Alan Dershowitz

  • Candidate: Proud to be on J Street’s ‘enemies list’

    To the Editor: J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami attacks me in his Op-Ed titled "Making the case for ‘Yes.’ " I am proud to find myself among Alan Dershowitz, Elie Wiesel and Joe Lieberman on J Street’s “enemies list.” My opponent, U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), is one of J Street’s biggest supporters in Congress…. More ▸

  • Op-Ed: Making the case for ‘Yes’

    Alan Dershowitz-style advocacy cements his position as part of the “Chorus of No” that is working hard to frighten American policymakers and politicians from speaking out on Middle East issues, the head of J Street writes in response to a Dershowitz Op-Ed. More ▸

  • The Dersh on Goldstone

    To the editor: Richard Goldstone has repeatedly declined to debate me on the merits of the report. Nor has he responded to my 49 page substantive critique, which is available online at  Instead, Richard Goldstone has generally responded to critics of his report by pointing to his Jewishness, his Zionism, and his connections to… More ▸

  • Op-Ed: Defeating Freeman was a patriotic duty

    Those who successfully challenged the nomination of Charles W. Freeman Jr. to become chairman of the National Intelligence Council should be praised for an act of high patriotism, not accused of dual loyalty, says Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. More ▸