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bruce springsteen

  • Clive Davis reveals he’s bisexual

    Music icon Clive Davis has finally revealed the truth about his sexual orientation. The 80-year-old Jewish music producer wrote a new memoir titled “The Soundtrack of my Life,” and in the most revealing parts of the book, Davis discusses his bisexual life, Rolling Stone reports. The memoir, which came out today, has a five-page section… More ▸

  • Jewish kid sings with Springsteen

    James Oppenheim, who moved to Israel with his wife and eight(!) children, took four of them back to the States for an East Coast trip. Oppenheim discovered that Bruce Springsteen was performing in Boston, decided to take his clan from New York to Beantown, and won a lottery for front-row seats to the concert. His… More ▸

  • Wait, they’re not Jewish?!

    We here at 6 Degrees No Bacon pride ourselves on “discovering” the Jewishness of unexpected famous folks such as Alyson Hannigan and James Franco. But what about the celebrities you were so sure were Members of the Tribe but actually aren’t? Well, after Jewish donors gave money to Michelle Bachmann, mistakenly believing she was Jewish, The… More ▸