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  • Osama sends Israel belated birthday wishes

    The Onion reports, In an unexpected act that Israeli president Shimon Peres called “thoughtful,” al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden sent a belated threat to Israel Monday in honor of the Jewish state’s 60th birthday. “Old fart!” read the front of the card in a font designed to look like ancient stone tablets. “Did you actually… More ▸

  • Hollywood, Heeb-style

    Some highlights from Heeb’s Hollywood issue: Award-winning comedian Kristen Schaal wishes she were Jewish. Child actor-turned-Hollywood lawyer Jeff B. Cohen, known for his turn as Chunk in The Goonies, offers legal advice. Up close and personal with Jason Segel, the writer and star of the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Whatever happened to all of those… More ▸

  • Clinging to Their Native Identity, British Israelis Stick to Their Own

    For the organizers of the British Zionist Federation’s celebration of Israel’s Independence Day, the idea of bringing American Jewish comedian Jackie Mason to perform alongside the Israeli army’s entertainment troupe and Israeli singer Sarit Hadad seemed a natural fit for this year’s festivities. “We usually have just an Israeli artist as the main performer,” said… More ▸

  • The other Frank girl

    The New Jersey Jewish News reports on a new musical comedy that looks at life in the annex from the perspective of Anne Frank’s little sister. (What’s next – “Long Night,” a comic romp on Auschwitz from the perspective of an inmate having to listen to Elie Wiesel moralize all the time?): What if Margot,… More ▸

  • News Brief

    Kazakhstan now has a kosher restaurant. “Kosher” opened its doors in Almaty this week, offering a range of meat dishes to a Jewish community of 30,000 that is experiencing a revival in the Central Asian country. Previously, observant Kazakh Jews had to find their food at outlets such as the Chabad House or the Israeli… More ▸

  • The News Shticker: Jewno, Britney & Mel

    If Juno were Jewno … (Jewschool has more on the story behind the video) Britney removes her Kabbalah tattoo and … does lunch with Mel Gibson. On Shabbos!!! Before the deadly construction accident last weekend, a Jewish octogenarian and retired contractor tried to warn New York officials that a crane on E. 51 St. wasn’t… More ▸

  • Larry King: Jerry who?

    My standard joke on Larry King is that he could have Adolf Hitler on for two hours and the Holocaust would not come up. But Jerry Seinfeld may have outdone me… All that said, maybe Jerry needs to lighten up. More ▸

  • In Aftermath of the Six-day War, Peace Seemed Attainable for Israel

    Just before 8 o’clock on the morning of June 5, 1967, my friends and I gathered in our high school cafeteria waiting for the bell to ring sending us to homeroom. We were 10 days from graduation, so the banter was hardly focused on anything serious. Amid this typical teenage jocularity came this comment from… More ▸