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  • Get me rewrite: New Israel question needed

    Israel popped up at the end of Tuesday night’s town hall-style debate, when one audience member asked: “If, despite your best diplomatic efforts, Iran attacks Israel, would you be willing to commit U.S. troops in support and defense of Israel? Or would you wait on approval from the U.N. Security Council?” With all due respect… More ▸

  • We won’t let the UN stop us

    Both John McCain and Barack Obama said last night that they wouldn’t wait for the United Nations Security Council to give its approval before sending troops to Israel in the event of an attack by Iran. Here’s the transcript: Shirey: Senator, as a retired Navy chief, my thoughts are often with those who serve our… More ▸

  • The Iran debate exchange

    Friday night’s debate discussion about the Iran threat featured a lot of talk about Israel. John McCain cited some of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s ugliest rhetoric against the Jewish state as a reason not to talk to him, while Barack Obama defended diplomacy while also noting Israel was “our stalwart ally.” Here’s some of the… More ▸

  • Obama: Let’s have post-Shabbat debate telecast

    Friday’s first presidential debate (assuming John McCain does attend) will take place after sundown, which means Shabbat-observant Jews won’t be able to watch it live. Barack Obama is hoping the television networks will rerun it after Shabbat on Saturday night. Here’s his letter to the leaders of the Commission on Presidential Debates asking for their… More ▸

  • Obama and Hagel? Maybe, but not in Israel

    In the ooops category … The Republican Jewish Coalition issued a statement Monday blasting Barack Obama for planning to take Chuck Hagel with him on his upcoming trip to Israel [UPDATE: RJC has taken down the statement from its Web site and issued a new statement]. To hammer home the point, the RJC cited a… More ▸

  • Hillary’s new Iran doctrine

    Ron Kampeas has a story coming on Hillary Clinton’s insistence during the debate last week that an Iranian attack on Israel or any other of our Middle East allies would be met with “massive retaliation.” Since then, her aides have suggested she didn’t necessarily mean a nuclear response, but that seemed to be her clear… More ▸

  • Debate Moment: Who’s tougher on Iran?

    Last night Barack Obama reminded us why some hawkish pro-Israel folks prefer Hillary Clinton. Asked whether he would extend American deterrence to Israel, Obama, carefully crafting his words, promised “appropriate action” in the event of an Iranian attack: As I’ve said before, I think it is very important that Iran understands that an attack on… More ▸

  • The Farrakhan moment: Reactions II

    Here’s a second batch of media reaction to the exchange about Louis Farrakhan during Tuesday night’s debate. Michael Tomasky (GUARDIAN): It’s also worth noting that Clinton, somewhat clumsily, helped Obama in this exchange by making what probably seemed to many viewers as a pedantic distinction between “denouncing” Farrakhan’s support and “rejecting” it. I understand what… More ▸