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  • The Jewish writer and actor who’s ‘the voice of black America’

    (JTA) — Danny Strong is probably most recognizable as being “that Jewish guy” on TV — he played eager adman wannabe Danny Siegel on “Mad Men” and the nerdy, perennial victim Jonathan Levinson on “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.” But, among those in the know, Strong may be best known as the “voice of black America,” as… More ▸

  • disappointing debut for Jonah Hill’s ‘Allen Gregory’

    Sunday night Jonah Hill joined Matt Groening and Seth MacFarlane as a full-fledged member of FOX’s Sunday night animated strip with his new show, Allen Gregory.  However, unlike his experienced peers, Hill’s debut with the “Animation Domination” was anything but dominating. Allen Gregory, Hill’s new show about a middle school boy-genius, got a pretty legit time… More ▸

  • Goldstone must go on TV

    To the Editor: If Richard Goldstone was sincere in his Washington Post Op-Ed piece, he should go on national and international TV — e.g CNN, Fox, MSNBC — and state his retraction for the entire world. He has done irreparable damage to Israel and Jews all around the world by allowing himself to be used… More ▸