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  • Bush Visits Iraq Unannounced

    President Bush made a final visit to Iraq. Bush arrived in Baghdad for an unannounced visit Sunday, his fourth visit to the country since the United States invaded in 2003. The trip comes on the heels of a new security agreement between Iraq and the United States. Unlike previous visits, Bush arrived in broad daylight… More ▸

  • The Iran debate exchange

    Friday night’s debate discussion about the Iran threat featured a lot of talk about Israel. John McCain cited some of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s ugliest rhetoric against the Jewish state as a reason not to talk to him, while Barack Obama defended diplomacy while also noting Israel was “our stalwart ally.” Here’s some of the… More ▸

  • JINSA says it wasn’t consulted on conference’s rally decision

    Calling the decision “inappropriate and foolhardy,” a member of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations is condemning the decision to disinvite Sarah Palin from Monday’s an anti-Iran rally sponsored by the conference and other Jewish groups. The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs says it was not consulted before the decision was… More ▸

  • Shonda? or Karma? We report – You decide.

    Gabriel Nathan Schwartz, a Denver delegate to the Republican Convention in Minneapolis earlier this month, wuz robbed. By a pretty lady who slipped him a mickey in his fancy hotel room. To the tune of $120,000 according to disbelieving cops; Schwartz says it’s more in the range of $60,000. Schwartz won earlier notoriety (one he… More ▸

  • Can Biden and Palin be believed?

    Remember the hubbub back in April, after George Stephanopoulos asked Hillary Clinton what she would do if Iran attacked Israel and she said the Islamic Republic would be met with “massive retaliation“? Well the question – and henceforth the answer – struck me as utterly besides the point. After all, does it really matter what… More ▸