• Celebrity chef Jamie Geller documents her first year in Israel

    In her new online series “The Joy of Israel,” kosher cook and bestselling author Jamie Geller shows us what it’s like, while also highlighting some of the Holy Land’s sights and flavors. The webisodes are a follow-up to the “Joy of Aliyah,” which depicted the Geller family’s initial transition to Israel. In the premiere, which debuted… More ▸

  • Watch the new Maccabee Beer ad featuring the ‘Old Spice’ guy

    Israeli beer connoisseurs know that there are two major Israeli beers – Goldstar and Maccabbee. Although local craft beers have been emerging, many bars just offer Goldstar, the affordable delicious lager. However, Goldstar’s little brother Maccabee has quite the reputation of being, um, not as good. Until today. The Maccabee Beer honchos (who also produce Goldstar,… More ▸

  • New York’s 92Y cancels Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters event

    One of the central members of the band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, has been publicly  calling for a boycott of Israel, and now he’s been boycotted himself. The 92nd Street Y, one of Manhattan’s biggest Jewish cultural centers, decided to cancel the “Evening with Roger Waters,” an event that was supposed to take place on April… More ▸

  • Israeli Embassy’s Trailer for Obama’s Visit To Israel: A Closer Look

    If you haven’t heard yet, President Obama is in the Mideast this week. But that’s not the really big news story surrounding the visit. More noteworthy than the turmoil in the region, the stagnant peace process, and the history of tension between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we finally get to see the long awaited-trailer, of Obama’s visit to Israel, courtesy the Israeli Embassy! That’s right: a trailer:

    We are as confused as you are by this video. Who does trailers for political trip? Was this made by a bunch of sixth graders? Here’s how the video breaks down, scene by scene:

    Scene #1: We watch Air Force One fly to Israel, the only blue country in a mass of brown countries — which is how maps work, by the way. More ▸

  • Bar Refaeli incites argument between IDF and Ministry of Foreign Affairs

     Bar Refaeli has always been one of the more controversial Israelis. No, it’s not because people are jealous of her looks. Or friends. Or wealth. Or success. Well, maybe. Rather, the Israeli supermodel is one of the most famous draft-dodgers. Refaeli married a family friend in order to procure a service exemption. Now, she is… More ▸