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jews gone bad

  • Notes on an orgy. Corey Feldman’s Orgy.

    Today in Jews Gone Bad news, Corey Feldman hosted an orgy. An orgy that was attended by a writer who documented her experience there in great detail. Those of you who have not kept up on Feldman’s perpetual downward spiral and remember him only as the adorably snarky child star of “The Goonies,” and “Lost… More ▸

  • Awful Amy’s Baking Company selling awful T-shirts

    The owners of Amy’s Baking Company, famous for acting like jerks on Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares,” are polluting the world with their offensiveness once again, this time via their own line of merch. To clarify, in no way do we intend to drive sales for Jews Gone Bad such as Samy and Amy Bouzaglo by publicizing… More ▸

  • No, Jerry Springer is not running for Congress

    Past the political gridlock, don’t expect to see real-life drama in D.C. anytime soon. Former mayor of Cincinnati and talk-show host Jerry Springer confirmed he is not re-entering politics. His name has been brought up in recent years as a possible choice for a Democratic candidate for Congress or governor in Ohio, according to the Associated Press,… More ▸

  • Rosanne Barr is getting nutty

    I know, I know. Most people assumed medical insanity already happened in the nineties, when she did things like star in weirdo crappy movies (“She Devil”, anyone?) and marry Tom Arnold. However, this fine wine has only gotten more robust with age. In the last two days, Roseanne has really shown what a classy broad… More ▸

  • First Matisyahu lost his beard, then he lost his manners

    Maybe he is the anti-Goliath, and the beard kept him meek and calm? Whatever it may be, a fresh-faced Matisyahu reportedly attacked a photographer during his show at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg this week. “At first I assumed he was trying to crowdsurf, that he wasn’t deliberately trying to step on me,” said photographer… More ▸

  • Parents want to keep Howard Stern far away from America’s Got Talent

    Howard Stern recently announced that he will be taking Piers Morgan’s place on the NBC hit reality show “America’s Got Talent”– and the mommas and the poppas are none too happy about this news. The Parents Television Council released a statement today calling NBC’s decision to hire Stern “an act of desperation” and that the… More ▸

  • Adam Sandler’s lady-likeness is too hot for the holy land

    In a hilarious expose of misplaced ultra-Orthodox rage, an ad for “Jack and Jill” was graffitied in Jerusalem the other day. While some might spray paint an Adam Sandler poster out of general comedic outrage, this offender clearly was not bothered by anything talent-related. The vandal appears to have been offended by the face of… More ▸

  • Oh no he di’int! Gene Simmons calls out Madonna as a lip-syncher

    Oh, just KISS and make up, you mid-Eighties rock stars! Gene Simmons went on offense yesterday when TMZ asked him if Madonna was the right choice for the upcoming Superbowl half-time show. “I love all karaoke singers, I love all the girl singers who get up and sing with tapes,” Simmons sarcastically replies. Ultimately, he… More ▸

  • Birthday haiku for Michelle Trachtenberg

     Michelle Trachtenberg, later years. Could this really be the same girl who mistook a urinal for a footwash in ‘Pete and Pete?’ (covlanz718, CC BY-ND 2.0) **** From ‘Nick’ to ‘Gossip,’ another nice Jewish girl grows up, loses wings **** Happy birthday Michelle Trachtenberg (26). When I was a kid, your TV roles were so… More ▸

  • Shalom Sesame for the dirty mind

    Today is the launch of the new Shalom Sesame Rosh Hashanah installment. It’s called “The Sticky Shofar.” “The Sticky Shofar.” Not to be a Moishe Oofnik, but am I the only one who thinks that the title and the cover… Oy, never mind. Looks like I have another thing to atone for this Yom Kippur…. More ▸