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  • Stevie Wonder cancels FIDF performance

    Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Stevie Wonder just called to say he doesn’t love you. After much pressure from pro-Palestinian groups and a recommendation from the United Nations, Wonder decided it would be very superstitious to perform at the annual FIDF gala. Wonder was supposed to be living for the City of Angels on December 6…. More ▸

  • ‘Tis the season… for a new Chanukah A Capella song!

    This time, it’s the former members of Yeshiva University’s “Maccabeats,” David Block, Noey Jacobson, Nachum Joel, Immanuel Shalev, who now call themselves “StandFour.” “After graduating from Yeshiva University we wanted to continue to make music that is both fun and inspiring. We believe in bringing out the meaning present in all things – that’s what we… More ▸

  • Stevie Wonder to perform in support of the IDF in Los Angeles

    During these trying days for its good name, the Israel Defense Forces is going to get a very powerful boost of support from an unusual source – Stevie Wonder. The popular blind singer is set to perform at the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces annual gala in Los Angeles on December 6. Wonder will… More ▸

  • Gene Simmons was offered millions to help reunite ‘Led Zeppelin’

    Here’s the weird news story of the day, “Kiss” famous rocker Gene Simmons told the British “Sun” that he was once handed around £200 million to help the effort of reuniting the legendary rock band “Led Zeppelin.” “In 2009/10 I was given a few hundred million dollars in an account by a large concert promoter and given… More ▸

  • Is Drake going to entroll in Howard University? (VIDEO)

    Last week we reported that rapper Drake finally graduated from high school, after devoting most of the summer to catch up with the few credits he was missing. In case any of you was wondering whether Drizzy will continue to ride the educational wave and attend college, there may be an answer for that. Over… More ▸

  • Israeli star partnering with Sean Kingston for techno song

    It’s pretty apparent that doubling up with chart-climbing pop star Sean Kingston to make music is a pretty safe way to make it big: Justin Bieber did it, Nicki Minaj did too, as did Akon, Kanye West, and Dr Dre. Following in the footsteps of these rock stars is Israeli singer and Tel Aviv native Maital Dohan. The… More ▸

  • Jay-Z the Maccabee

    Chanukah came a bit early for folks in Brooklyn, after hip-hop prodigy Jay-Z borrowed a menorah from a Brooklyn resident, and lit a candle on the menorah for each of the eight nights he performed at the new Barclay center. Jay-Z fan Amit Wehle was ecstatic when his brother-in-law, who was Jay-Z’s concert producer, asked if he… More ▸