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  • Hawt girlie catfight ensues at Drake’s Grammy party

    Looks like someone is hanging around with bad company these days. According to TMZ, a catfight broke out at Drake’s after party between “Celebrity Apprentice” star Claudia Jordan and her ex-boyfriend’s crazy, ranting ex-girlfriend. Jordan, who also used to be one of those leggy models holding the suitcase on “Deal or No Deal,” told TMZ… More ▸

  • Joan Rivers magic (plastic surgery) number: 739

    You know how sometimes you watch TV with your friends or family and all of a sudden Joan Rivers appears and someone always comments: “Man, she probably had over 500 plastic surgeries, she’s like 100 years old.” Well believe it or not, Rivers is just 78. Oh, and she also had 739 surgical procedures. Seven… More ▸

  • Mark Cuban’s purrfect investment

    Mark Cuban has a history of successful investments. He was one of the pioneers of webcasting and owned an NBA team that finally won the championship. Cuban’s next big thing? Drawings of cats. Cuban is currently a judge on the ABC entrepreneur show “Shark Tank,” where people pitch business ideas to major investors who can choose whether… More ▸

  • Paula Abdul gets X-ed

    Looks like Simon Cowell has lost some love for his former “American Idol” co-host Paula Abdul. After personally recruiting her for the first season of “The X Factor,” Cowell let Abdul know her services would no longer be needed on the U.S. spin-off of the British reality show. And he sent the message through the… More ▸

  • Fran Drescher joins the league of foil-hat wearing crazies

    To all of you men who would slobber over Fran Drescher’s spandex-covered derriere during her heyday, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news: The raven-haired Jewess is a total loony. I know I have a tendency to label many mid-nineties female sitcom stars as “crazy people,” but it is ALWAYS for good reason…. More ▸

  • Ali Fedotowsky has some Jewish jungle fever

    Former star of “The Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky is all about the yiddishe men. Although she recently called off her wedding to Roberto Martinez, who she met on the show, Ali says that she tends “to like nice, funny Jewish boys.” She even told “Life and Style” that Andy Samberg is her celebrity dream date! Although… More ▸

  • Bar Refaeli doesn’t want to dance with the stars

    Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli was on the verge of taking another step toward her plan to take over the world, or at least the U.S., after she apparently was offered a spot in this year’s ABC hit reality show “Dancing with the Stars.” Alas, for all of you hoping to see Bar attempting something more… More ▸

  • Adam Levine adds fuel to the The Voice vs. Idol fire

    Only a week before NBC’s “The Voice” returns for its second season and FOX’s “American Idol” for its 100th season, it seems like the actual interest is not about who’s going to sing better, it’s about which show is going to get higher ratings. Although there was some mutual trash-talking in the past, this weekend… More ▸

  • Corey Feldman gets his dancin’ skates on

    After a significant absence from the Hollywood spotlight, teen heartthrob Corey Feldman is back in the game … as an ice skater! The line-up for the new season of “Dancing on Ice” has been announced and the “Stand By Me star is on the roster. Other D list celebrities slated to appear are Mark Rhodes, Andy… More ▸

  • Would you watch a show about Joan Rivers getting high?

    The second season of WE tv’s “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?” is back next month, and if you are still reading this, you should know that this year, the adventures of the red carpet master and her roommate/daughter Melissa are going to get even crazier! The new teaser shows Rivers inhaling a pretty massive… More ▸