Hawt girlie catfight ensues at Drake’s Grammy party


Looks like she knows how to take a sucker punch

Looks like someone is hanging around with bad company these days. According to TMZ, a catfight broke out at Drake’s after party between “Celebrity Apprentice” star Claudia Jordan and her ex-boyfriend’s crazy, ranting ex-girlfriend.

Jordan, who also used to be one of those leggy models holding the suitcase on “Deal or No Deal,” told TMZ that she was just minding her own business and getting her groove on at Greystone Manor when this girl ran up to her and started swinging. Jordan filed a police report and went to the hospital to get her head and neck checked for injuries.

For some reason, the attacker allegedly blamed Jordan for her boyfriend breaking up with her. Seems to me like he broke up with her because that b****h is cray cray.

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