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  • Jonah Hill scores with Dustin Hoffman’s daughter

    Looks like Jonah Hill’s lack of milkshake is bringing all the girls to the yard. Well, at least some of them. According to Contact Music, Jonah Hill is officially dating Ali Hoffman, daughter of Mr. Magorium himself (What? You want me to drop a generic reference to “The Graduate” or “Rain Man”? Well, I won’t…. More ▸

  • Adam Lambert gives his boyfriend the ol’ 1, 2

    Former “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert was arrested in Finland on Thursday night with his boyfriend (and “Big Brother” star) Sauli Koskinen after the two were thrown out of a bar for getting into a fistfight … with each other. The boys were charged with multiple assault charges and just barely managed to avoid some… More ▸

  • ScarJo gives Joseph Gordon Levitt the key to her heart (and house!)

    Looks like Ms. Nudey Attitude-y is done sowing her wild oats. According to the Hollywood Life blog, our favorite Horse Whisperer has moved on from the dashing Ryan Reynolds and is now looking to share her home with new beau Joseph Gordon Levitt. When the two were caught smoochin’ in mid-October, tribe members kvelled over… More ▸

  • Usher tries to make a move on Chelsea Handler

    Chelsea Handler already has 50 Cent in her past, and now another popular performer is trying to win her heart – Usher. Last night, the popular artist appeared on Handler’s talk show Chelsea Lately, and took advantage of almost every question Handler asked to show her that he means business. When asked if he takes… More ▸

  • Birthday haiku for Charlie Sheen

    **** Winning- state of mind Losing- state of employment godesses-lessness **** Happy Birthday, Charlie Sheen. Hard to believe you once had the granddaughter of a concentration camp survivor as part of your harem. More ▸

  • Poll of the Week: Do Larry’s ladies look alike?

    The tabloids are buzzing over whether Larry David and new girlfriend Amy Landecker began dating before or after the actress’ current marriage hit the rocks.
    But we have a more important issue — what should we make of the fact that Landecker is a dead ringer for Cheryl Hines, who plays Larry’s (now ex-)wife Cheryl on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”?

    I smell a 6nobacon poll question… Read more to vote! More ▸

  • Larry David has new love enthusiasm?

    New York Post Page Six is reporting that Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David is apparently getting serious with actress Amy Landecker, who co-starred on a Curb episode called “The Bi-Sexual.” Sources told Page Six that the romance began when the episode was being filmed earlier this year, and since then David and Landecker have been spotted… More ▸

  • Daniel Radcliffe reveals girlfriend

    The actor, who recently ended his role as Harry Potter, was finally seen in public with most recent girlfriend, 22-year old Roseanne Coker of Surrey, UK. It is quite the Cinderella story, actually. The two met while Coker was the production assistant on Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince back in 2007. Radcliffe and Coker… More ▸