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Ron Dermer

  • Dermer should work for religious freedom

    To the Editor: I invite Ron Dermer, in whatever position he serves, to bring his "American sensibilities" to the issues of religious freedom for all Jews, regardless of gender or adjective, within the the Jewish State of Israel. Given his close relationship with Natan Sharansky, who has just been charged by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu… More ▸

  • Embassy denies Ron Dermer as envoy report

    The Israeli Embassy in Washington described as baseless an Israeli newspaper report that Ron Dermer, an adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu, is set to replace Michael Oren as Israel’s ambassador to the United States. More ▸

  • Bibi adviser Ron Dermer to NYT: No Op-Ed for you!

    Why did Ron Dermer, a senior adviser to the Israeli prime minister, decline a chance to have an Op-Ed by Benjamin Netanyahu appear in The New York Times? Because he feels the paper isn’t giving Israel a fair shake, with 19 of the last 20 Israel-related Op-Eds taking a negative view of Israel. Dermer explains… More ▸

  • Ron Dermer, NGO funding and FARA

    Ron Dermer, a top aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is getting mucho kudos for his letter ripping Time Magazine for its recent article on “Israel’s rightward lurch.” It’s a good letter. Read it. But this puzzles me, and has for some time — Dermer is not the first person to make this argument for… More ▸

  • Ron Dermer, 20 F-35s and that cake metaphor

    If I’ve got the narrative wrong, someone please tell me: –Twenty F-35s, the state of the art combat aircraft, were in the pipeline for Israel. –The Obama administration offered another 20 F-35s, among other deal sweeteners, if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would extend the settlement freeze another 90 days; –There was a U.S. offer, in… More ▸