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  • Soros’ statements spread anti-Semitism

    To the Editor: Mr. Soros may not like to hear it, but he buys into and spreads anti-Semitism when he makes statements such as "attitudes toward the Jewish community are influenced by pro-Israel’s success in suppressing divergent views." This myth that the pro-Israel community suppresses divergent views is just a variation on the "Jews control… More ▸

  • Soros to give $1 million to World ORT

    George Soros will give $1 million to World ORT to help the international network of Jewish vocational schools build up its program to help Liberia’s ex-child soldiers. From World ORT’s website: ORT IC’s Liberian Youth Training and Employment project will directly help 1,000 people – young people who simply missed out on school because of… More ▸

  • Robin Hood raises $88 million in one night

    The Robin Hood Foundation, which fights poverty in New York City, raised $88 million at its annual gala last week, according to Bloomberg News. Why is this of Jewish interest? Aside from being Wall Street’s highest grossing annual charitable event, and aside from being run by a nice Jewish guy, the following paragraph from Bloomberg’s… More ▸

  • Who are the Jews among the Slate 60 list of top givers? recently released its annual Slate 60 list of top philanthropic givers. The list, compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, estimates who were the country’s top 60 philanthropists based on what they pledged and gave the most money in 2009. According to our calculation, either 11 or 13 of the top 60 are Jewish. (When… More ▸

  • Jon Stewart chides bankers at Robin Hood gala

    The Wall Street Journal followed up Tuesday’s New York Times story about the annual gala of the Robin Hood Foundation with a piece about how charities in general are toning down their galas in light of the recession. For a taste of what goes on at the Robin Hood event, check out the video above,… More ▸

  • Soros pledges $50 million to help fight N.Y. poverty

    The annual spring gala of the Robin Hood Foundation was a bit less lustrous than it has been in recent years — and it brought in 21 percent less this year than it did in 2008. But George Soros made a big splash by pledging a $50 million challenge grant to help fight poverty in… More ▸