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Sri Lanka

  • JDC, local partner providing emergency aid to storm-struck Sri Lanka

    JDC, together with its local partner Sarvodaya, a Buddhist-inspired humanitarian organization, deployed its first responder unit to provide food, water, and other emergency aid in Sri Lanka’s five hardest hit districts, following devastating rains that started a week ago.

  • Israel Agrees to Sell Arms to Conflict-ridden Sri Lanka

    Israel has agreed to sell arms to the Sri Lankan government, which is currently embroiled in a conflict with Tamil rebels, according to official sources in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo. Sri Lanka turned to Israel, Russia, Indonesia and Ukraine for emergency aid and arms in its war against the Tamil Black Tigers, the… More ▸

  • Arab Pressure Blamed for Sri Lanka’s Move to Sever Relations with Israel

    Israel is blaming Arab pressure for Sri Lanka’s move over the weekend to sever all diplomatic ties with the Jewish state. The formal break follows an order issued March 20 by the Sri Lankan government for Israel to close its interests office in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo within 30 days. The office is… More ▸

  • Herzog Visits Sri Lanka

    President Chaim Herzog made an unannounced visit to Sri Lanka Thursday, on his way home from a two-week tour to Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. It was a surprise to the entourage of reporters accompanying the President and something of a diplomatic coup for Herzog whose trip has come under criticism in the Knesset…. More ▸

  • Grain Silo Developed in Israel to Be Tested in Sri Lanka Through Aid of Jewish Relief Organization

    The American Jewish World Service, a Boston-based international development group, will launch a large scale agricultural development program in Sri Lanka next month which will include testing of a revolutionary grain silo developed in Israel, AJWS president Larry Simon said here. “The aim of all this is self-reliance,” Simon told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency last… More ▸

  • Sri Lanka President, Jewish Delegation Discuss Terrorism

    President Junius Richard Jyewardene of Sri Lanka told a delegation of Jewish leaders last Friday that the greatest threat to world stability and global peace in international terrorism. Israel Singer, executive director of the World Jewish Congress, reported that the focus of the discussions between Jyewardene and the four Jewish leaders was the role of… More ▸

  • Israel ‘freezes’ Programs with Ceylon; Response to Ceylon’s Break with Israel

    Israel announced today that it was “freezing” all development cooperation programs with the government of Ceylon in response to the latter’s decision to suspend diplomatic relations with Israel until it withdraws from all Arab territories occupied in the June, 1967 Six-Day War. The Israeli move will effect about a half dozen Israeli experts currently engaged… More ▸

  • Ceylon Takes New Pro-arab Step; Abstains from Sending Envoy to Israel

    The Minister of Finance in Ceylon issued a directive to the Treasury that all Government requirements of cement should be obtained from the United Arab Republic and that all transfers for the supply of cement should include a condition that only offers from UAR sources will be considered. The purpose of this directive is to… More ▸