• Watch: Haim gets down in ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ video

    In this video for “If I Could Change Your Mind” from their acclaimed album “Days Are Gone,” Jewish sister rocker trio Haim switch out their guitars for some smooth dance moves. To achieve this choreographed feel, they hired–yes–a choreographer. The woman behind it all is the legendary Fatima Robinson, who has masterminded the moves in… More ▸

  • Watch: Sarah Silverman, Jesus team up to preach reproductive rights

    In Sarah Silverman’s latest PSA, the comedienne recounts her experience being visited by Jesus Christ. Yep, the Jesus Christ. Believe it or not, he showed up in her home, asking her her to spread his message to the people! “Even if they think you’re kidding they’ll hear it. And they’ll make their own choice,” Christ explains. Then… More ▸

  • Kapotes and kosher

    Canada’s consulate in New York hosted an evening of cutting-edge Jewish tailoring and Canadian kosher food products.  More ▸

  • York supplies video footage

    York University has supplied video footage that appears to cast doubt on the accuracy of reports that two Jewish students were assaulted during a pro-Israel event at the school. More ▸

  • And …. Done!

    Only took me two weeks, but I’m finally done with my haul from Israel after posting the video below, a little culinary tour of Jerusalem. Maybe the beginnings of my future in production for the Jewish Food Network.  More ▸

  • Anat Hoffman questioned

    Anat Hoffman is a well-known activist with the Israel branch of the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center. When I called her Wednesday, I learned that she had recently been subjected to questioning by the Jerusalem police over her role in a women’s prayer service at the Western Wall that resulted in the arrest of one… More ▸

  • The singles arrive

    During one of my years living in Israel, I spent some time working at a popular Jerusalem steakhouse. It was a typical Jerusalem affair: the owners were Canadian, the waitstaff was Israeli (except for me), the cooks were Arab, and the clientele American. Once a week, we had to work the lunch shift. It was… More ▸