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  • 23 Awesome things that Aly Raisman has done since she won two Olympic gold medals

    U.S. Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman became America’s sweetheart during the 2012 London Games.
    Her two gold medals and one bronze — and overall amazing performance — made everyone proud. And that was especially true in the Jewish community, as Raisman is a proud Boston Jew and danced her floor routines to “Hava Nagila.”
    Since she returned from London, she has been documenting all the really fun things she’s been doing and uploading photos to her very active and popular Instagram account. We collected what we think are the 21 best things she’s done.
    If you feel jealous… well, you should be, but remember all the crazy routines and drills she did to get to where she is now. So you better start practicing.
    Go Aly!
    1. Ended the trading at the New York Stock Exchange More ▸

  • Stephen Colbert Jewish jokes supercut (VIDEO)

    Stephen Colbert is on vacation this week (I guess everyone needs a little rest after the national conventions), but worry not, Colbert Nation fans, because even when not on air, the funniest narcissistic talk show host can still manage to have his voice heard. The “Colbert Nation” released five videos that feature almost every joke Colbert has… More ▸

  • Watch the Rosh Hashanah Robot Hip Hop Song!

    The Technion came out with this electronic version of the traditional Jewish Rosh Hashanah song “Shanah Tovah.” The video features the best of Technion robots (breakdancing!), some hip hop dancers, and even a special cameo by Technion President Peretz Lavie and the 2011 Nobel Laureate Prof. Dan Shechtman. Shanah Tovah! More ▸

  • Bar Refaeli walks on water

    Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli is currently having a great time in Greece, and she tweeted this photo together with the writing, “Good morning! I am walking on water today.. What r u doing?” Many gossip website focused on her body and black bikini, while others did find more significance in the fact that Bar is actually walking… More ▸

  • Israeli backpack campaign features bomb squad pranking (VIDEO)

    This Israeli online campaign for the New York backpack brand “Yak Pak” is pretty creative yet  controversial, since it touches a raw Israeli nerve – terrorism. The video, which went viral earlier this month, features a bunch of teenagers who place cans of graffiti paint in a backpack and then leave it unattended at a bus station…. More ▸

  • The best of the ‘Good Guy Rabbi’ meme

    The internet world has created many anonymous stars, people whose names we don’t know but whose faces are now easy to recognize. We’re talking about captioned memes — mostly made famous by LOLcats, the cute photos of cats with on-purpose typos are the flag bearers of the phenomenon. But the internet has evolved from kittens to everyday humans to… rabbis. And a good guy rabbi at that — so tolerant, liberal and nice. Not like those tens of thousands of haredim rallying at New York’s Citi Field against the internet.
    (Update: apparently the person in the picture is Yisrael Campbell, a comedian who converted to Judaism.)
    So what can we say about “Good Guy Rabbi”?
    1. He keeps the holiday season cheerful for everyone More ▸