Israelis make a ‘Gangnam Style’ version about the crisis with Iran (VIDEO)


Introducing “Bomba Style,” the Israeli version of the much-covered Korean mega hit “Gangnam Style” by Psy. The music video accompanying the Korean original, released in mid-July, features an electronic rhythm, catchy lyrics and a special dance that looks almost like riding an invisible horse. It became a hit almost instantly, prompting “Gangnam Style” imitations all over the world and catapulting Psy to international celebrity.

The Israeli version, “Bomba Style,” which was created by Tal Talmon, Yaron For, Shiran Zamir and Tal Vardi, is about the prospect of Israel being bombed by Iran (of course). The video is actually pretty funny, though you can never really top the hilariously absurd original.

With talk of war with Iran running high in Israel, “Bomba Style” at least gives Israelis a chance to laugh and dance about it…

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