Lipa Schmeltzer’s new music video is really catchy, features IDF soldiers


It’s always difficult for an artist to come up with creative ideas for a music video, and it’s even harder when the last music video featured Jewish robots, but that didn’t stop Lipa Schmeltzer, the “Haredi Elvis,” or “Jewish Lady Gaga” from creating a music video that features different outfits, lots of dancing and even IDF soldiers.

The song, “Mizrach” (East), is about solidarity among all Jews, regardless to their background, even if they choose to go to the military, a very controversial topic in Israel, especially following the expiration of Tal Law (Schmeltzer himself was criticized for his decision to include soldiers). Schmeltzer sings and dances in IDF uniforms with both haredi soldiers from the “Nahal Haredi” unit, and just regular secular soldiers in the street of Jerusalem.

But it doesn’t end up with the soldiers, add to that flashmobs in a Jerusalem market, dancing in Jerusalem market, breakdancing and catchy tunes, which make the song a borderline 21st century Jewish “Imagine.”

Too bad there are no robots, though. Jewish robot soldiers and Israel has the war with Iran in the bag…

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