A guide to the top 5773 Rosh Hashanah YouTube videos!


Every year our Facebook friends, Twitter followers and fellow emailers send us Rosh Hashanah videos.

They are usually parodies of popular songs — and amateurish (or sometimes too professional). Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re endearing, but most times they kind of get old after the, umm, 100th share. So we decided to ease on the pre-holiday headache and put this year’s top Rosh Hashanah videos on one ultimate page for you to share. We just want your newsfeed to be clean and tidy — it’s a new year, you know.

Shana Tova!

Here they are…

1. The “Boy Bands Are Cool Again!” video

Aish – “What Makes Rosh Hashanah Beautiful”  (based on One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”)

2. The “Rosh Hashanah Recap For People With ADD” video

Parsha in 60 Seconds – “Rosh Hashanah in 60 Seconds”

3. The obligatory “Call Me Maybe” cover video

Temple Judea (Los Angeles) – “Call Your Zeyde”

4. The other obligatory “Call Me Maybe” cover video, but in French!

Jewish Agency – “Call Me Maybe/Chana Tova”

5. The “Yee Haw!” video

Rabbi David Sirull – “Because It’s Rosh Hashanah!” (Kinda sounds like Bob Dylan there)

6. The “Everybody sing along!” video

Temple Kol Tikvah (Woodland Hills, CA) – “Sweet Caroline/Rosh Hashanah” (you won’t hear that at a Penn State game)

7. The “I, Jewish Robot” video

Technion (Haifa, Israel) – Rosh Hashana Robot New Year Hip Hop Dance Party (feat. Nobel Laureate Prof. Dan Shechtman dancing the robot!)


Late Add:

8. The “Best Metaphors” video

Temple Emunah (Lexington, MA) -“I Feel So Close to Shul Right Now” (based on Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close) – mostly for the line: “Talit drapes over me, surrounds me like a waterfall,” that’s like, really poetic.

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