House Rules Committee Urged to Summon Ford to Prove His Charge of Jewish Control of Federal Reserve
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House Rules Committee Urged to Summon Ford to Prove His Charge of Jewish Control of Federal Reserve

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(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

A request that the Rules Committee of the United States Congress call Henry Ford to appear before it and to submit “the facts he claims he has” to substantiate his charge that the “international Jew” controls the United States Federal Reserve System was submitted to Bertrand H. Snell, chairman of the Rules Committee, by Congressman Sol Bloom.

Congressman Bloom introduced a resolution in Congress last week urging that the House appoint a Committee of Inquiry consisting of seven members, intrusted with the task of investigating Henry Ford’s charges. This resolution was referred to the Rules Committee.

In his letter Congressman Bloom asks that the Rules Congressman before making its report on the proposed resolution, invite Henry Ford to give an outline of his charges. Congressman Bloom’s letter read:

“Referring to my resolution before the Committee on Rules of the House for the appointment of a select committee of seven to investigate the charge made by Henry Ford that the international Jew is in direct control of all financial centres of Government, including the Federal Reserve System.

“True, the Congress has nothing to do with any charges that Mr. Ford may bring against the Jews in general, but the Congress has everything to do with charges made in connection with the Administration of the United States Government.


“Mr. Ford’s assertion that the United States Federal Reserve System is under international control (which is to say, at least in part alien control) cannot be interpreted otherwise than as a charge involving the integrity of this country’s Governmental financial organization. For this organization’s loyalty to every American interest the Congress, as its creator, is responsible to the American people. Any question raised as to its unqualified devotion to these interests of necessity is of the most vital concern to the nation, and especially to us of the Congress as the nation’s trusted representatives.

“Mr. Ford raises such a question. More, he makes the definite charge that the United States Federal Reserve System is internationally controlled or dominated. Mr. Ford has made many charges behind a smoke screen of generalities. With them I have nothing to do. Now, however, he makes this specific, unmistakable charge ‘the international Jew is in direct control of all financial centres of government, including the United States Federal Reserve System.’

“It is immaterial that he speaks of this outside influence which, he asserts, controls the financial system of the American Government, as a Jewish influence. The essential point is that he refers to it as an international influence — I repeat, at least in part, an alien influence for it cannot possibly be international and at the same time all-American.

“So grave a charge from such a source is not to be lightly disregarded. Mr. Ford is a public man. When he speaks he has a national audience. He has been seriously mentioned for the Presidency. His fortune is placed in the neighborhood of a billion of dollars–or a dollar a minute since the dawn of the Christian era. Mr. Ford’s bank balance on Dec. 15, 1926, was reputedly more than the net balance in the general fund of the United States Treasury on that date, as given by the latter’s published report.


“So when Mr. Ford speaks his words have more than ordinary weight with the public, his national audience. Thus far his charge is only a charge, but Mr. Ford says he has proofs to substantiate it. I repeat, proofs to substantiate it.

“If he has proof that any voice but an American voice–the voice of a Jew or non-Jew–has a controlling influence in shaping the financial policies of the Government of the country which has favored him so highly, it is treason for him to withhold it.

“Possibly Mr. Ford has been right hitherto in his contention that an investigation of his broad, general, nonspecific charges could lead nowhere. We have before us now, however, his concrete charge that the United States Federal reserve System is under international control. This charge can be proved or disproved. The only jury he could trust, Mr. Ford announced, was the American people. Very well, the Congress is the American people.

“Unless Mr. Ford can trust seven of the American people’s elected proxies in the House of Representative, he cannot trust even the American people. He can trust nobody. Mr. Ford calls his Dearborn Independent the ‘Chronicler of the Neglected Truth.’ It is Mr. Ford who neglects the truth, if he has proof that the United States Federal Reserve system is under international control and refuses to lay it before the Congress.


“A vindication of the Jew is not my resolution’s object. My religion and my Americanism are two entirely different matters. Not as a Jew, but as an American in behalf of my constituents, non-Jewish as well as Jewish. I claim the right to know whether or not this Government — for its finances are vital to any Government — is controlled internationally. The issue is of supreme importance.

“Mr. Ford assures us he has facts He offers to put any investigator who calls upon him in the way of finding them. He can do better than that. If he has these facts he himself can reveal them. He owes them to his country. If he can substantiate his charge, he is entitled to the opportunity. The people are equally entitled to demand it of him.

“Either the situation calls urgently for action or it should be clearly shown that so damning an accusation as Mr. Ford’s against one of the most import-ant agencies or the American Government is wholly baseless. It is preeminently a question for the Congress to determine.

“Therefore, after placing the above information before your committee, I respectfully ask that the Rules Committee invite Henry Ford to appear immediately before the committee to present an outline of the facts that he claims he has with references to the international control of the United States Federal Reserve system, so that the committee can decide whether or not these facts are sufficient to ask that my resolution be reported and that a committee of seven be recommended to investigate the charges in further detail.”

A striking satire on the substance of Ford’s charges was published in the editorial section of Sunday’s “New York Times.” The writer of the weekly column, “By-Products,” gives an imaginary description of what Ford’s answers might be like. We read in the column:


Just suppose that a Congressional Committee of Inquiry into “The Dearborn Independent’s” charges against the international Jew were in session and the eminent citizen whose mouthpiece that journal is understood to be should take the witness stand. Examination by counsel for the committee might very well be expected to proceed, partly and approximately, as follows:


Q.–It is your contention, sir, that the international Jew is in control of the Federal Reserve System?

A.–That’s right. The way things are going we shan’t have a stick of timber standing ten years from now.

Q.–Aren’t you confusing the Federal Reserve with the Forest Reserve?

A.–Maybe. But if the Jews get control of the national forest it will happen just as I said.

Q.–Could you designate by name any individual or group of individuals who are employing the Federal Reserve for Jewish purposes?

A.–I think it’s safer not to. Don’t you?

Q.–It is your contention that the international Jew is in control of all financial centres of government. What evidence have you on that point?

A.– I have been told that when Secretary Mellon stopped over in New York on his return from France he went down to the Neighborhood Play-house and took in a performance of “The Dybbuk.”

Q.–Do you suggest that Secretary Mellon went in on a pass?

A.–I am morally convinced he did.

Q.–I show you here the photographic reproduction of the theatrical advertising pages of several New York papers and call your attention to the fact that during Mr. Mellon’s stay in New York there was another show running at the Neighborhood Playhouse.

A.–That only demonstrates the Jewish control over the press.

Q.–Does your objection to naming names extend to give as the name of the authority who supplies you with your financial information?

A.–Well, it was the same fellow who taught navigation to Roszika Schwimmer.


Q.–Now, it is your further belief that the international Jew controls the revolutionary elements of the world as well as the ultra-conservative elements?

A.–Where does it say that?

Q.–In the “Dearborn Independent.”

A.–Then I guess I believe it.

Q.–On what grounds?

A.–The lessons of history.

Q.–Then you do believe in history?

A.–I believe in histories about the Jews. And let me say that on the general subject of history I have been treated very unfairly by the press.

Q.–I am sorry, sir. To remove an erroneous popular impression would you mind telling us whether Arnold Bennett wrote the “Old Wives’ Tale” before or after his infamous transactions with Major Andre?

A.–He did it shortly after his return from the North Pole with Byrd and just before he founded the “New York Herald.”

Q.–Ah! Coming back to the original question, don’t you think that if the Jews are both ultra-conservatives and revolutionaries that let them pretty well out?

A.–No. On the contrary, I think it gets them coming and going.


Q.–It is your assertion, then, that Jewish influence is debauching the American theatre?

A.–That’s right.

Q.–Can you cite, as an instance, one or two plays from the current Broadway season?

A.–I never go to New York, don’t like the process-servers there.

Q.–Do you think that our theatre as a whole stands higher or lower than it did thirty years ago.

A.–I never go to the theatre.

Q.–Then your convictions with regard to Jewish influence in the theatre would be based on what?

A.–On television.

Q.–And your knowledge of Jewish control of the Federal Reserve System?


Q.–And with regard to Jewish control of Secretary Mellon?

A.–On the improved cathode ray:

Q.–Does personal ratiocination in any form enter into your conclusions?

A.–Well, it’s this way. I don’t like the Federal Reserve and I don’t like the international Jew, and putting one and one together I get what the boys on “The Dearborn Independent” think I ought to get.

Q.–Would you say then, that your interpretation of the international Jew represents the combined efforts of your secretarial staff and the boys on “The Independent”?

A.–That’s right. You see it’s the assembling system as we practice it at Detroit. Somebody puts the skeleton framework of an international Jew onto the endless belt. Another fellow with a wrench jumps forward and puts in something about Jewish finance. Another fellow has a hammer and taps in something about Jewish war-profiteering. Two other fellows with screw-drivers insert Jewish ultra-conservatives and Jewish revolutionaries, respectively. When everybody is through the completed international Jew drives off under his own power and into the pages of “The Dearborn Independent. Any time you are in Detroit I should be happy to show you around the shop.


Q.–Thank you! Now what do you consider to be some of the responsibilities of great wealth?

A.–The only proper use of great wealth is to develop mass production by way of raising the American standard of living.

Q.–Do you regard the mass production of hate as one of the purposes to which wealth should be dedicated?

A.–The boys on The Independent could answer that better than I can.

Q.–Do you believe that the plane of American life is appreciably raised by fomenting racial and religious hatreds?

A.–Same answer.

Q.–Do you regard the Dec. 25 issue of The Dearborn Independent as an ideal Christmas message to the American people?

A.–Same answer.

Q.–One more point. You consider the international Jew to be our chief national peril?

A.–I certainly do.

Q.–Do you regard the international Jew as a more serious menace than General Motors?

A. (After a pause)–Well, that’s an idea.

“The contemptible bitter, poisonous, unholy attack on the Jews by the Dearborn Independent.'” was the subject of Rabbi Nathan Krass’s address before the congregation of Temple Emanu-El, New York, on Sunday.

Dr. Krass declared that the editorial which will appear in the “Dearborn Independent” on December 25 is an indictment “unfounded, dangerous and designedly slanderous.” Rabbi Krass spoke of the “villainous vilifications and malicious misrepresentations of Ford’s ‘Dearborn Independent’,” and asserted the spirit of the particular editorial mentioned is utterly antagonistic to the teaching of Christianity.

“When a whole race is slandered or libeled there is no legal redress, but an individual can confront his accuser before the bar of justice. In declaring that the ‘International Jew’ is in direct control of all financial centres of government, including the United States Federal Reserve System, the ‘Dearborn Independent’ has been ‘indiscreetly definite.’

“If the resolution introduced in Congress to summon the Detroiter in order that he disclose the name or names of the Jewish conspirators, passes, an opportunity will be given to present in court the mass of fiction which was published as fact in ‘Dearborn Independent.’

“When one considers that the bulk of Israel in Eastern Europe is in dire straits, oppressed, persecuted, famished, poverty stricken, when one recalls that American Israel sent about $70,000,000 to feed and clothe them, when one knows that in New York City there are over 100 Jewish eleemosynary institutions, when one realizes that the basic industries in America and elsewhere are not in the hands of Jews when one knows that no Jew controls the Federal Reserve Banks, is it too strong to denounce the mythical presentation as a dastardly lie?” he declared.

Dr. Chaim Weizmann, president of the World Zionist Organization, and Mayor Walker were the principal speakers at the opening of the Keren Hayesod Women’s League Bazaar at the Waldorf Astoria on Saturday night. Other speakers were Rabbi Nathan Krass of Temple Emanuel, Mrs. Richard Gottheil, president of the League, and Mrs. J. J. Lesser, chairman of the bazaar committee.

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