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“social Justice” Charges Jews, Not Nazis, Started the Present War

March 19, 1942
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The pro-Nazi allegation that it was the Jews and not the Nazis who started the present war, is made this week in a violent article in “Social Justice,” the mouthpiece of Father Coughlin.

The first of its kind since America’s entrance into the war, the article, which resembles the anti-Jewish outpourings in the most vulgar Nazi publications in Germany, attempts to “convince” Americans that they are laboring under a false impression when they think “that this was a war to save democracy.” It claims that “for persecutions suffered by 600,000 Jews in Germany, the world was catapulted into a ‘sacred war’ of economic boycott” which developed into the present conflagration.

“Soon nine years will have elapsed since a worldwide ‘sacred war’ declared on Germany not by the United States, not by Great Britain, not by France, not by any nation; but by the race of Jews,” the article reads. “Startling as that statement is, it is substantiated by a public address made over Station WABC, outlet of the Columbia Broadcasting System, by Mr. Samuel Untermeyer, an American Jew.

“Was Mr. Untermeyer speaking as an individual, as an American citizen, as a crackpot? Absolutely, no. He was speaking as a member of ‘our race.’ He was speaking as the executive official of the World Jewish Economic Federation.

“What was the occasion of his speech? Having returned from Amsterdam, Holland, where he presided over the International Jewish Boycott Conference at which conference he was elected president of the World Jewish Economic Federation formed to combat the Hitlerite oppression of Jews–Mr. Samuel Untermeyer spoke most officially, most representatively, most authoritatively. In announcing the factuality of the ‘sacred war,’ he definitely referred to ‘race,’ not religion. He went so far as to say that those Jews who did not join with him were ‘traitors to their race.’

“Nine years ago, approximately, this high Jewish official–than whom there was no higher at the moment–did not say that we ‘will go’ to war against Germany. He said that the ‘sacred war’ against Germany was then under way–‘actively embarked upon.’ Thus, at Amsterdam, Holland, at the meeting above referred to at which Mr. Samuel Untermeyer was elected president of the World Jewish Economic Federation, a ‘sacred war’ was declared against Germany to destroy Germany’s very existence.

“Jews all over the world were ordered not to buy from Germany, not to patronize German merchants, not to deal with firms which sold German goods, not to ship on German boats. Mr. Untermeyer, speaking officially for all the Jews in the world on ‘what we are proposing and what we have already gone far toward doing,’ said that his organization would ‘undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends.’

“All this to rescue 600,000 Jews resident in the Third German Reich.”


Pointing out that “only an irrational man would deny that such an economic war would inevitably lead to a bloody, physical war,” the article in Social Justice continues:

“And what about the persecution of the 600,000 Jews in Germany? It is true that Hitler placarded their shops; ostracized many Jews from professional ranks; instituted, in some instances, concentration camps for what Hitler thought to be the more dangerous Jews. But why did Hitler practice such extremities? All civilization knows that, following the first World War, wealthy Jews from America, Britain, France, Holland, Galicia and elsewhere moved into Germany with their valuable money and purchased property which was represented by worthless inflated German marks.

“Indeed, the Jews became the aristocrats of Germany–financial aristocrats, if you please, having confiscated through their monetary manipulations a great share of the wealth that belonged not only to the 2-million members of the Nazi Party but to the 50-million Catholics, Protestants and other Gentiles, who did not belong to the Nazi Party. And, as far back as 1933, a world war–a ‘sacred war–was declared not only against Hitler and his 2-million Nazis but against the 50-million Catholics, Protestants and other Gentiles who were not Nazis.

“Flauntingly before the American public–nearly 9 years ago–chief executive officer Samuel Untermeyer of the World Jewish Economic Federation has the effrontery to ask the Christians of the world to join with his nationals throughout the world to destroy not only Hitlerism and the 2-million Nazis but also the more than 40-million Christians in Germany whose very existence–according to Mr. Untermeyer–depends upon their economic activities with the outside world.

“What price Jewry!”


Declaring that the Christian world suffered “an intellectual insult by the invitation to join with the racial Jews against their own fellow Christians who were more sinned against than sinning, “the organ of the Detroit priest, anticipating severe criticism, takes issue with those who may indict the Coughlinites as pro-Nazis. “The Jews of America, through their various publications, persistently have calumniated Father Coughlin and Social Justice, both of whom were termed un-American,” the article says. “Here, then, is our answer to them–in part. We will let the world know who is un-American and undemocratic. If pro-Americanism consists in boycotting a suffering 40-million German people upon whose neck there rested the yoke of the Nazi Party; if pro-Americanism consists in casting the entire civilized world into a seething cauldron of bloody war for the protection of $600,000 racialists or religionists–as you care to call them…. then Americanism, under that interpretation, is not worth while fighting for.”

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