N.Y. Post says vote Obama, Peretz says Obama is kosher


If Monday was Kennedy day for Obama, then I guess today is neocon day for the Illinois senator…

The New York Post endorsed him and Marty Peretz gave Obama a hechsher, if not his outright support.


Truth is, the Post’s endorsement was more of the anybody-but-Hillary variety; and, though the paper staunchly supports Israel, it offered no ammunition for pro-Obama types looking to rebut claims that the senator will be bad for the Jewish state. In fact, some of Obama’s critics are likely to say “amen” and “aha” to this line: “On national security, his worldview is beyond naive – blithely unaware that America must defend itself against those sworn to destroy the nation.”

Peretz, on the other hand, may not have formally endorsed Obama, but makes an aggressive effort to say that Obama is just fine on Israel:

Florida, of course, is a different story, but back in Iowa there was no need for Barack Obama or any other candidate to worry about the Jewish vote. There are 7,000 Jews in the entire state, including 100 Hassidim who work a kosher meat-packing plant in Pottsville. Yet, speaking in Des Moines on December 18, Obama cut to the essence of the Middle East problem at a level of sophistication that ought to be a relief, if not a rebuke, to those who fret about his lack of foreign policy “experience.”

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